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Wrow Chat Room Log
January 16, 1999


This is the WROW chat room log from the January 16, 1999 Dave Lucas Radio show when Lance Matthews made the announcement regarding the Tyzano Rape which was not known at the time that it was a hoax.

Session Start: Sat Jan 16 23:08:11 1999
*** Now talking in #wrow
*** Topic is 'News and Talk on Radio 590
*** Set by SVCAGENT-901822448 on Thu Jan 07 08:05:34
-suebead- [Welcome] Welcome to the WROW chat Room.
(Gneaux) Hi Sue
(Guest138) hold up Tara
(suebead) hello, all
(Guest138) Hi sue
(Gneaux) the URL you used? Guest? if you wouldn't mind passing it on?
(Guest138) sure
(Guest138) wait
(Gneaux) thanks, ...very much :-)
(Gneaux) Very sorry to read that news about Ty, jameson
(Guest138) http://chat.nycap.rr.com
(jameson) So was I, very upsetting
(Guest138) try that
(Guest138) yes very upsetting
(Gneaux) thanks, Guest gonna try it now.
(jameson) i hope she is OK
(suebead) Have you had ny news?
(Guest138) she is a fighter
(TaraR) It really isn't a curious hoax?
(Guest138) could
(jameson) Well, she was afraid of him before - no need to be now - he is in jail
(Guest138) no not a hoax at all its true
(TaraR) Sorry if I offend - just never know on forums
(Guest138) internet
(jameson) no hoax that I can tell
(TaraR) OH, that's terrible
(Gneaux) best wishes to her and her family, jameson
(TaraR) She is a fighter according to those posts
(suebead) Have you spoken to her?
(Guest138) YES AND SHE SHOUTS!!!
(suebead) ?
(jameson) I have had e-mail from her husband
(suebead) ah, hows he taking it?
(jameson) I do not believe Ty would pretend such a terriible thing
(Guest138) sue, me? no but have trusted information
(Guest138) no she would not
(Gneaux) I don't either, jameson
(Guest138) she is straight
(suebead) As Tara said, it's hard to know.
(Gneaux) are you a JBR forum participant? guest138
(suebead) But what a horrible thing.
(Guest138) yes
(jameson) who is Gneaux?
(Gneaux) Geno, jameson
(Guest138) Dont you recognize the smile?
(jameson) Oh, Hi Geno - nice to see you
(Guest138) I did
(Gneaux) sorry, guest I missed that =)
(TaraR) bon soir, monsieur G Neaux
(jameson) I should have figured that one out - sorry
*** BayBB (baybb@XXXXXXXXXX) has joined #wrow
(Gneaux) no prob, ...I got messed up with the password thingy at the door.
(Gneaux) Hi BayBB
(BayBB) Hi
(Guest138) hi bb
(suebead) hi BB
(Guest138) we know that one !
(BayBB) Can we not hear the show from in here?
(Guest138) I hear it
(Guest138) turn it up
(Gneaux) I'm just trying the URL how, BayBB
(BayBB) Thanks
(Guest138) it works great ! perfect
(jameson) I feel so bad for the father
(jameson) how awful
(Guest138) he is doing just fine such courage
(Gneaux) ummm...guest, I get the chat with that URL
(Guest138) ok...open radio?
(suebead) is her son ok?
(Guest138) go to WROW
(Guest138) you mean Ty?
(Guest138) think so
*** Guest150 (JAVGUEST@XXXXX.tnt4.sfo3.da.uu.net) has joined #wrow
(Gneaux) I'm sorry...guest with this URL http://chat.nycap.rr.com I get
the chat login
(Guest138) yes
(Gneaux) but, I'm already in the chat...via IRC
*** Guest150 has quit IRC (Local kill by nycap-rr (clones are prohibited
(02:20 01/17/99)))
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Sat Jan 16 23:20:36 1999


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