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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
Radio Promo Format Change
For January 1, 1999 Show



2. "HELP!!!!!!!"
Posted by matthews on 10:02:33 1/01/99

Dave just called.....The format has changed.... The show will center on the internet subculture surrounding the case... as the last one was supposed to and never quite got there. The calls to the station manager prompted him to call Dave Lucas this morning, and in turn, Dave called me and asked me to tell all of you via these forums.

This is the message.... "Please call in tonight. Tonight's show is about YOU (the posters.)"

I have only been "on board" for a short time and most of you have more to say and are WAY MORE knowledgable on THIS!!!!

Okay I will now proceed to beg....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call 1-8OO-WROW59O.... (begging's not too atractive, eh?)

G2...Mrs.B....Beanie....Ginja...Connie...Gofigure....Scoobi....Suebead....AND ANYBODY FROM "the other side" (accept those in Nebraska suffering from nudules on the brain)>


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