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January 2, 1999 BNF Posting Comments



I like Jams......so flame me

matthews - 01:49pm Jan 2, 1999 MST
Thank GOD for the First Amendment !!!!

jameson is one of the most hated and attacked posters on this, The Jello Forum. When I first started posting here, I got in contact with a few people through e-mail. The BIG thing they would tell me about is "JAMESON", the legend and the myth. I was quite frankly bored and uninterested with the whole jameson phenomenon. I heard the tales of computer labs with RST working all day and night, how jameson was really John Andrew, Bynum, Lou Smit, and a pervert who's life's goal was to wander aimlessly through the Ramsey mansion while masturbating with a velvet sex glove (still trying to find THIS item ....only 357 shopping day till next Xmas.)

The mysterious entity, jameson, had said in a post once... "If you want to find out something, the best way is to just ask"

So I started e-mailing this corporate creation and asking "them" questions. I moved on to IM and eventually the phone with the now imfamous jameson. I found her to be very cordial and polite. I have had many conversations in length about a lot of things and views about life and with this case. I stated my POV, from the beginning ("WHAAAAAAAACKKKKK" is a Patsy induced sound effect.) she made clear her POV. Our personal opinions never stopped either of us from hearing the other out on a number of subjects. THAT is a mature thing IMO. I have thoroughly enjoy ALL conversations with her, as I find her to be very different from the "ProRamBorg" I've experienced on these forums.

I think she is sincere in her convictions as ProRam, and as I stated on the air, I find her vigilance to support her theories and her POV admirable. She does everything in her power (and to the thrill of the RST) to provide info THAT points to anyone but the Rams. Is she being used by them? Wouldn't you welcome someone like jams to defend you if the while county was against you? I would.

I don't know about the whole thing about "jam's lies" and "different people using the jamson hat" subject. No, I wasn't here for the beginning. I do know who jameson is now....I like THAT person. If you want to whine about someone's behavior two years ago...let me open this one for you all.... Two years ago I had a hellacious heroin habit. I had blown out all of my veins and any artery within a needle's reach. I was forced to "fix" through inter-muscular shots and on the rare occassions when I could find a jugular or corroted artery, you would find me at my bathroom mirror probing my neck with eine syringe for a "register."

The fact is...we ALL make mistakes and bad decisions. I find nothing wrong with THAT. I find it admirable to own up to these things and move on. I believe jameson has addressed and readdressed her early lies in chat. She said she lied...ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO. For JonBenet's sake folks, LET IT GO.

As far as the case goes... I find her views on Ramsey innocence rediculous. I think she doesn't look at things THAT point at the Ramseys because, like an anorexic person, she cannot bear to consider the possibility THAT those nice Ramseys could have killed their daughter, and is blinded to anything even suggesting this. She on the other hand feels THAT my insistance on "PATSY DID IT" falls under the catagory of "a media swayed sheep" or "BORG." That's cool... it is only our own POV on this case and each others's decision on choice of fence side... nothing more.



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