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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
January 12, 1999 Show Comments



To Lance Matthews.....

auntiebj - 04:24pm Jan 12, 1999 MST
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.


I think you are missing the boat here. You can hardly slam the poster who took the identity of Dminor on the Dave Lucas show for stating her POV other than she used a bogus hat. You sent out an e-mail plus posted on all the forums that the January show format had been changed and that it was as you put it in your e-mail as follows: "In case you haven't visited the forums...Tonight's format has changed and the show is about YOU, the posters in the Internet subculture. I have only been online since Aug twenty-sixth, this year, and feel you have more to say 'bout this chit.....please call in!!!!"

When Dminor called in she was not out of control, she was not obnoxious, she was not vicious. She was calm and collected and she was voicing her POV and she had every right to do that as any other caller to the show. If you and Dave Lucas had a different format discussed prior to the show then that was something between you and Dave, not something all the Internet posters knew about. You angered a lot of the posters because you rubbed it in their faces that no matter what they said, no matter what they wanted to say, they were not allowed to say but you allowed your new friend to say whatever she wanted and because it was acceptable to you then it was okay to let her voice her POV.

Obviously many of them have a problem with Jameson and you knew that well in advance. You were playing with fire and you were protecting her. You knew somebody was going to get burnt. Then you came out on this forum half cocked with your hair trigger attitude and temper along with your girlfriend and used vulgar language and attacked people with a vengeance. You, yourself in the past instigated people in relation to Jameson then turned around after you made friends her and slammed others for doing just what you used to do on the forums.

Remember when you were on WebbSleuths along with Obsessor? Remember when you clearly slammed others with foul language horribly on this forum as they rubbed Obsessor in your face. You didn't like it and you couldn't understand their POV. If it had been Obsessor on the show would he have been allowed to voice his POV as you did with Jameson? You were showing favoritism Lance. You brought your new friend to the radio show and you allowed her all the air time YOU wanted her to have. And I am not saying she is not allowed her POV, she has as much right as everybody else does.

But the point is that everybody else did not have the right and you were blocking them. You were clearly bias. What you care about is promoting J.T.Colfax and now obviously Jameson. And you have every right to promote your two new friends. Who knows maybe Jameson can get you a spot on the new Crock. Another project, another gig. But don't drag all the other posters into your little show so you can make fun of them and use them and that is just what you did on all of your radio shows behind the scenes. And yes, you invited a lot of posters but ask yourself why many of them didn't show up on previous shows? Your shows had great promise but I think you let it go to your head with your obsession for control.

Then somebody hacked your web page. I am sorry that happened. But again you went off half cocked and using foul vulgar language and blaming several others on the BNF forum. You had no proof at the time you were pointing the finger. You still have no proof. You clearly pointed the finger in the beginning at both Wilton and Chris saying they were the only two who had your password then suddenly it became three people who had the password then a half a dozen who didn't have the password. Remember when you wanted me to work on your Colfax web page? I am sure glad you never gave me the password or I am sure I would be on the list too. Maybe you need to look in your own back yard and find out just who has had access to your computer system and your web page.

auntiebj - 09:56am Jan 13, 1999 MST (#39 of 40)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

I will address this to Jameson since she felt it necessary to comment regarding my posting to Lance Matthews.

Jameson, you understood what Lance wanted you to understand about the radio show. He already told me he had a pre-arrangement with you prior to you coming on each and every radio show that he would "guarantee" that nobody would confront you. Now you tell me what is wrong with a confrontation regarding view points? Was he or you afraid that other posters would ask question you didn't want to answer? You want to voice your viewpoint and tell the world but you don't want anybody to dispute or confront any issue you post or talk about. It is called a debate Jameson. And if Lance had a prewritten list of question to ask everybody then how come he didn't ask you how you came up with the name of Jameson as a hat on the show as he asked everybody else that question? Was that just an oversight?

He plugged your TimeLine as the "Archive History" of the case and you know as well as everybody on these forums that your TimeLine is your POV. If you are passing off your TimeLine to screenwriters and movie producers and other media outlets then you are passing off your POV and at the top of your TimeLine you should clearly state that. When Beanie mentioned ReddHerrings website I didn't hear Lance or Dave jump on that as another good timeline that should be archived as a history record on the case. Last year when posters asked you about your personal involvement in the next documentary, you, yourself posted out on WS forum where you are the moderator the following on November eleventh last year ,

"The project is not about me as a poster, why I am following the case. It is not about "Ramsey Forums" or on-line wars. It is not about the TimeLine. None of these things deserve media attention, IMO. I wouldn't be involved if that was what they wanted."

So then why are you, yourself now plugging the TimeLine if you felt it does not deserve media attention? Why were you letting Matthews plug your TimeLine as an archived history on the case on a radio show that clearly went international via RealPlayer? You called several JW posters "Media W*ores" because they went on the Leeza show and other radio shows but then turned around and justified your own involvement in Lance's radio show and in this new project with Michael Tracy and David Mills where you are suppose to be the star of some new documentary on the case as acceptable and not in the same category as a "Media W*ores." Help me understand that?

The problem is that Lance did his homework for the show but the homework was YOU and your POV. He admitted he knew very little about the case so he should have had a opposition on the air with you who knew as much about the case as you did and that didn't include Pam Paugh or Linda McLean and you all shared the same POV. All good media shows have pro and con available on a subject at the same time. And no, I wouldn't have wanted to see a "Jerry Springer" type show either. It would have been a little hard for some posters to rip your eyes out on a radio show so I could understand you not appearing on a show where you might have physical contact with others who have a hostile attitude toward you.

auntiebj - 09:57am Jan 13, 1999 MST (#40 of 40)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Continued to Jameson……….

You, yourself got your little plug-in on the radio show insinuating that Justice watch posters are told what to post and that a person needs to be accepted to be a member. We are not told what to post. Good "Southern common sense" tells us what we should not post about. And let me tell you that I didn't know anybody on JW including the moderators of the site prior to registration and they didn't know me from a hill of beans and they never sent me e-mail, snail mail or contacted me via telephone as to who I was or what my POV was prior to be accepted. And Justice Watch has both Proram and Antiram posters as well as those who are neutral on the case.

One of the reasons Matthews did not show favoritism to JW is that he felt he was not treated favorable there as he had postings that were deleted and he had no problem whatsoever confronting China on that via the radio show to an international audience but he failed to mention that while he was on WS last fall that he was slammed and flamed horribly by your posters where you were the moderator and he had to literally get on the telephone with you and threaten you to delete the flaming postings. This is what I am talking about Jameson. Matthews was being bias and showed favoritism to you on the radio show because you are his friend this week, this month, maybe this year because for his own reasons has changed his POV after talking with you. And I don't have a problem with his friendship with you except that I don't want my e-mails to him forwarded to you as he forwarded yours to me in the past.

And yes, Dminor knew what she was doing. She stated that fact very clearly at the get go. Not many people knew what she was going to do prior to the show but it was no surprise once she was on the air. Like I said in my original posting here on this thread, Matthews knew well in advance what it was like out here on the forums and he knew who was on the whose negative list. He knew many posters had a problem with you for their own reasons. He was playing with fire and somebody was going to get burnt and it turned out to be Matthews and Lisa because they shoved you and your POV into everybody's faces who had a problem with you. Now you are on the "Matthew and Lisa pedestal" gleeing in your own ego that yet another group of people have shown you special attention..

In my opinion, Matthews and Lisa have become a valuable tool for you in your quest to promote your own Timeline and POV on the JonBenet Ramsey case. A case I feel you are entirely too personally involved with and as long as you remain in the postion you have taken, others on these forums will continue to do what they have done. You should be use to it and I don't see anything changing. And further in my opinion, is that you, yourself have been promoting your POV and your TimeLine for quite some time, long before Matthews or Lisa appeared on the scene. They have just served as your verbal voice to the world beyond the Internet so I think you could print a retraction on those original postings in your own words: "None of these things deserve media attention, IMO. I wouldn't be involved if that was what they wanted."

auntiebj - 07:07pm Jan 13, 1999 MST (#66 of 66)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Cecie, There is nothing to compute. Back in November, Lance used to post over on WS and was into a major confrontation with another poster hat named Obsessor. The flames were flying left and right for several days between the two and it appeared that many of the WS regular posters jumped on the act including the owner of the site slamming on Lance and taking this Obsessor's side. Jameson, the moderator of that forum, basically left the flaming threads there for most of the day until Lance seen them and called Jameson on the phone and demanded that she delete all the threads and she finally did. Obsessor continued posting at WS with the support of the WS management and other posters and Matthews returned to his forum of choice, BNF to flame Obsessor, Murphy and Nodules.

Then Matthews started posting on JW and for a while his posts seem to stay and were okay. For some reason he posts at JW started to disappear. In my opinion I think it was because of the Colfax threads he started that developed an attitude about it but I can't speak for the owners and moderators of JW as to his posts were being deleted but Matthews was not happy about it with just cause. In the meantime, Matthews and Jameson developed this relationship or friendship or whatever you want to call it.

Since I am not Matthews keeper I have no idea why or exactly when Matthews did the turn around and developed a change of heart regarding Murphy or this Nodules poster but he obviously did. But that is his personal preference. My personal opinion is that Matthews wanted to be friends with both sides which we can all see from the last couple weeks hasn't worked out too well. I honestly do not know what his relationship is with Chris from JW and/or this Andy poster and it does appear that there seems to be some tension between Beanie and Matthews but I do not know the story on that either.

On the Dminor radio call: I don't know the poster personally who called the show under the Dminor hat and had no idea what she was planning on doing prior to the show but she did clearly state her mission right at the beginning of the call. Opposed to what Matthews posted regarding the rules of the show with his saying he and Dave Lucas agreed on there being that no personal confrontations allowed, well that information was NOT what was emailed to me in a group e-mail which I assume this SamKay got along with all the other blind e-mail recipients nor was that posted out on any of the forums that I seen. The e-mail I received from Matthews read exactly as: "In case you haven't visited the forums...

Tonight's format has changed and the show is about YOU, the posters in the Internet subculture. I have only been online since Aug twenty-sixth, this year, and feel you have more to say 'bout this chit.....please call in!!!!" I can't speak for SamKay's decision to do what she did. It looked to me that Dminor called to give HER POV and that is what she did. In my opinion as a bystander is that SamKay should not have been blasted regarding her call to the show. She obviously took what Matthews wrote in the e-mail as her being allowed to call and give her POV and her POV just happened to be her personal desire to inform others of her personal opinion about Jameson. I am not saying she was right or wrong for doing it but she had as much right to call the show as any other caller. And like Lee Harvey Oswald, I guess SamKay as Dminor acted alone but I am sure there will be conspiracy theories down the road.

auntiebj - 04:19pm Jan 14, 1999 MST (#31 of 36)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

I was going to answer your posting comments here today but actually Ginji said almost all of it for me. I don't think I could have topped her posting. And I do understand the position you put yourself in. Between J.T. Colfax and Jameson, you are dealing with two very high controversial people here and with both there is a very large audience of people with negative opinions about them.

One last thing I want to say and just kind of tucked this under your belt and think about it now and then. Your anger at Dminor IMHO was a compound issue between your attempt to control your allegiance to keep your promise to Jameson not to be confronted on the air and your dislike for the past history of SamKay when she was under a different hat. You didn't even know her then yet you are judging her totally by what others are saying about her. Maybe they are true and maybe they are not. Yet on the other hand you can't understand why others have a problem with the past history they had with Jameson that is creating all their anger. Maybe what they are saying is true and maybe it is not. The point here is, that you sometimes have to walk in others shoes to see and understand how they feel. There goes those shoes again.......



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