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January 13, 1999 BNF Posting Comments



jameson_ - 09:48pm Jan 13, 1999 MST (#83 of 83)

I don't watch much TV but I do know how some talk shows are run. I watched how Pam and Linda were treated on Leeza. I talked to both of them after the show and they are sorry they made the effort to be heard in that format. I had never heard the Erin Hart show but I have heard the Peter Boyles show and I know how he treats HIS guests - especially those he disagrees with. Why would any sane person volunteer to do THAT to themselves? I certainly would NOT.

Lance approached me and said he wanted a show with both sides represented. I said no, thanks. He persisted. What were my concerns? He really wanted both sides there. I told him my concerns. I would not go on a show where I would be cut short or screamed over. I would not enter a "pis*ing contest" with the forum flamers. I was willing to go on and talk to him, I was not interested in talking to people like Beanie and gsquared.

You have a problem with that? Tough.

And yes, Lance did announce early in the shows that they were to be respectful, informational and not confrontational.

You ask why he didn't ask where the name "jameson" came from. I don't know. I would have answered. No secret. Um - was it because I am John Ramsey and my father's name was James? or was it really that I am John Ramsey and JA (is) ME SON ? Maybe it was because we live near BURKE County! Seriously, it is the same name I used for years, well before the murder. Nothing "Ramsey" about it.

You said, " you are passing off your POV and at the top of your TimeLine you should clearly state that." I do, quite clearly. Official documents are in blue. News reports are in black and my personal comments are in brown. Perhaps you should read before you criticize.

change to: As far as what Dave or Lance said about the Redd Herring site - I don't tell Dave or Lance what to say............I do believe Lance had said that his favorite site WAS the Redd Herring site. He said he "thought it was the best Ramsey site."

jameson_ - 09:53pm Jan 13, 1999 MST (#84 of 84)

You said, "Last year when posters asked you about your personal involvement in the next documentary, you, yourself posted ...... "The project is not about me as a poster, why I am following the case. It is not about "Ramsey Forums" or on-line wars. It is not about the TimeLine. None of these things deserve media attention, IMO. I wouldn't be involved if that was what they wanted." This is true - the documentary is not about me or the TimeLine. We are involved, but not the subject. The post was a response to many flame posts demanding to know why I was the subject of a documentary - why wasn't anyone else called. Well, I am NOT the subject of the documentary.

You ask why I am "plugging the TimeLine". Well, why not? I didn't say it doesn't deserve media attention. I said it wasn't the basis for the documentary.

You want an explanation from me as to why I went on Dave Lucas' show after criticizing the "Snoop Sisters" for going on Leeza? Nope, I owe you no explanation. I have my reasons and owe no one an accounting.

You wanted a show with both POV represented? Mrs. Brady was on, Chris was on, Dr. Hodges was on, Darnay Hoffman was on, The "lie guy" was on. I think the show was balanced. I appreciate the fact that it was a controlled show. Everyone had his/her time to speak unmolested. Apparently, you like confrontational shows. I don't. I rather listen to everyone speak so I can decide for myself what they have to offer.

You said I am too involved with this case. OK, whatever.

You don't like me promoting my TimeLine or POV. OK, I can live with that.

I do not owe anyone here an explanation. And I am not about to start pretending I do.

jameson_ - 05:28pm Jan 12, 1999 MST (#6 of 9)

I understood that everyone was going to be invited on the program to discuss their own involvement on the net. Basically there was a list of questions that Claudia and Chris answered and I was asked the same questions. I understood that the different forums and their flavors would be discussed. Nothing wrong with that. But I also understood that it was not going to be a "Jerry Springer" type show where there would be lies and accusations against other posters.

I agreed to go on a show that was informational, not confrontational. Dminor was calling into the confrontational show and knew just what she was doing.



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