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January 14, 1999 BNF Posting Comments




matthews - 12:31am Jan 14, 1999 MST
Deleted byline after reading spencer's postings

"You can hardly slam the poster who took the identity of Dminor on the Dave Lucas show for stating her POV other than she used a bogus hat. "

No, I slammed her because she upset me by being confrontational and changing the mood and direction of the show.

"When Dminor called in she was not out of control, she was not obnoxious, she was not vicious. She was calm and collected and she was voicing her POV and she had every right to do that as any other caller to the show. "

I believe she was calm and presented what she had to say in a rational manor.... However, she was voicing her POV about a person...not the forums or the internet. Say "Jameson's Timeline is crap and all lies," and THAT would be O.K. by the shows format, but say "Jameson this... and Jameson that," NO. Which brings me to the next one...

"If you and Dave Lucas had a different format discussed prior to the show then that was something between you and Dave, not something all the Internet posters knew about. "

We did tell everyone in chat before the show. Chris, Jams, a few others and I all met in chat the night before and chatted about the show. I should've posted it more clearly.

"You angered a lot of the posters because you rubbed it in their faces that no matter what they said, no matter what they wanted to say, they were not allowed to say but you allowed your new friend to say whatever she wanted and because it was acceptable to you then it was okay to let her voice her POV. "

I wouldn't have wanted ANYONE to say ANYTHING bad about another poster on the show. THAT was what we meant by NON CONFRONTATIONAL.

"Obviously many of them have a problem with Jameson and you knew that well in advance. Yes. You were playing with fire and you were protecting her. You knew somebody was going to get burnt. Then you came out on this forum half cocked with your hair trigger attitude and temper along with your girlfriend and used vulgar language and attacked people with a vengeance. "

I came back here and was attacked.... go see the times of the posts.

"If it had been Obsessor on the show would he have been allowed to voice his POV as you did with Jameson? "

Yes, he would. As long as he remained coherent and didn't verbally flame anyone. I would have him on and let him talk about how he thinks Colfax is the perp if he wanted... just nothing about other posters. cont......

matthews - 12:32am Jan 14, 1999 MST (#1 of 1)
Deleted byline after reading spencer's postings

"You were showing favoritism Lance. You brought your new friend to the radio show and you allowed her all the air time YOU wanted her to have. And I am not saying she is not allowed her POV, she has as much right as everybody else does. But the point is that everybody else did not have the right and you were blocking them. You were clearly bias."

Ma Brady and Chris had airtime.... so we have Me and Ma and Chris....Beanie in the wings waiting to come on the show....and you are complaining about the show being biased??? ONE ProRam came on the show and the rest of the show was ALL anti-Rams cast for the evening and this is biased??? Yes, it was...it was unbalanced and mostly anti-Ram, IMO. What are you saying here? Because people couldn't confront Jameson on the air....it was a baised show?......AND ...NO, everyone did not have the "right" to state their POV. You are subjected to the rules of the FCC and the station and subjected to the formatting laid out by the programing director and the wishes of the host. When you were on with jams the first show you described it as "like getting invited to a dog fight and then finding out one of the dogs was a princess." The tone of how you view actually getting a chance to say what you always wanted to to jameson, is very apparent in THAT sentence. Just say you are now upset cause jameson didn't get slaughtered on the show.

"What you care about is promoting J.T.Colfax and now obviously Jameson. And you have every right to promote your two new friends. "

I will keep on promoting J.T. and I will keep on being true to people I consider to be friends of mine. As far as promoting Jams.... I will stick up for someones RIGHTS to express "the other side of the fence" everytime. I might hate what they have to say and believe in the complete opposite, but I have to back their RIGHT to voice their opinions.

"He already told me he had a pre-arrangement with you prior to you coming on each and every radio show that he would "guarantee" that nobody would confront you. Now you tell me what is wrong with a confrontation regarding view points? Was he or you afraid that other posters would ask question you didn't want to answer?"

Just wanted to avoid a Jerry Springer show.

"And if Lance had a prewritten list of question to ask everybody then how come he didn't ask you how you came up with the name of Jameson as a hat on the show as he asked everybody else that question? Was that just an oversight? "

Yes actually it was an oversight... and jameson was teasing you on the other thread.... I asked her about THAT a while ago.... simple answer THAT could be verified.....JAMESON was used because it is the name of her registered home school....In NC, when you teach your kids at home you need to register your home school with the state, to be accredited. Since her two boys would be home schooled...she combined her husbands name (James) and the fact THAT her two sons would attend (Son) and put it together... JAMESON Home School..... Simple.

matthews - 12:37am Jan 14, 1999 MST (#4 of 5)
Deleted byline after reading spencer's postings

"When Beanie mentioned ReddHerrings website I didn't hear Lance or Dave jump on that as another good timeline that should be archived as a history record on the case. "

BJ, When you get the tapes..listen... I did say THAT I thought the Redd Herring site was the best...and I do!

"The problem is that Lance did his homework for the show but the homework was YOU and your POV. He admitted he knew very little about the case so he should have had a opposition on the air with you who knew as much about the case as you did and that didn't include Pam Paugh or Linda McLean and you all shared the same POV. "

I had no opposing people on with Dr. Hodges or Darnay either.

"All good media shows have pro and con available on a subject at the same time. "

First time trying to organize something like that... and maybe if the next one goes through as planned we will "team up" opposites...(there is only 2 "live" lines into the airwaves at the studio.) I think you are right in this sentence.... I though Beanie did well with Pam, though... AND Pam was great with the whole show. (I'd like to see her face off with McCrary or Dr.Hodges)

"And no, I wouldn't have wanted to see a "Jerry Springer" type show either."

What the hell do you think woulda' happened if callers could've confront jameson on the air???...... Answer: Springer without the visual...imo.

"One of the reasons Matthews did not show favoritism to JW is that he felt he was not treated favorable there as he had postings that were deleted and he had no problem whatsoever confronting China on that via the radio show "

Nor problems confronting Chris on THAT either.... Ask her if you like... I mentioned it to her a few times...she checked around and said no one deleted it.

matthews - 12:37am Jan 14, 1999 MST (#5 of 6)
Deleted byline after reading spencer's postings

"And I don't have a problem with his friendship with you except that I don't want my e-mails to him forwarded to you as he forwarded yours to me in the past."

When I first was e-mailing Jameson, I found it facinating THAT everything I would mail to the jameson addy would come back twisted into a proRam thing. I would mail of reasons I thought they did it and mail would come back refuting everything and showing how it would all fit into ProRam logic. I sent you and about 4 others that one e-mail saying something like "Hey guys, I can use your help on this". In the letter was about 9 points That I was arguing with jams and needed some "heavier guns" to help prove a reasonable suspicion of Ramsey guilt to the "jameson spin machine"... I heard a lot of stories about jameson and decided to find out what jameson was for myself. I told her what I had done with the e-mail in one of our first verbal conversations. I formulate my opinions on my own. I tried to put different POV's aside and see a person behind all the hoopla on the forum. I succeeded.

"And yes, Dminor knew what she was doing. She stated that fact very clearly at the get go. Not many people knew what she was going to do prior to the show but it was no surprise once she was on the air. Like I said in my original posting here on this thread, Matthews knew well in advance what it was like out here on the forums and he knew who was on the whose negative list. He knew many posters had a problem with you for their own reasons. He was playing with fire and somebody was going to get burnt and it turned out to be Matthews and Lisa because they shoved you and your POV into everybody's faces who had a problem with you."

Shoved her POV in everybodies faces????.... An unbiased show would've been what then....NO ProRams, as opposed to the ONE ProRam we had on? Or best to save her for last so she gets to conclude the show and in one sweeping sentence, she negates all the AntiRam POV? I put Ma on... Then Chris.... then Jams... What else could I have done? I feel ,like this is all because I tried not to have anyone say anything bad about anyone else that was on the show...

Confrontation example.... You could've told Dr.Hodges or Linda THAT their books suck and are crap....BUT you coudn't have said THAT They (Dr.Hodges or Linda) suck or are crap.




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