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topcat - 04:49pm Jan 15, 1999 MST (#23 of 25)
there's something about an Aqua Velva man

AuntieBJ, I listened to your files when you first put them up and you did a great job -- even if it was a little cassette recorder and microphone. That's what makes them even more exciting to listen to.

Geno is another in the group that just puts his computer microphone up to his stereo speakers, and he has great sound on his music files.

Denver did the Boyles show (with Mrs. Brady as guest) by running a wire from her portable AM radio into her computer!

I miss the days of having to "find a way" to do things. It was a lot more interesting back then compared to deciding which thousand-dollar microphone to use today.

I've put up quite a few realaudio and realvideo files during the last two years, but it's always a lot of fun to log on and just listen or watch. In the entire world-wide field of lasers and holography I'm the ONLY one who can't sit back, relax and listen to a new show each week -- because I'm the one who does the show.

I appreciate everyone who goes to the trouble and work of putting the files up for all of us to enjoy. Keep on, keepin' on auntiebj!


auntiebj - 06:29pm Jan 15, 1999 MST (#25 of 25)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Thank you Frank !! I appreciate it coming from you. Geno is the one who helped me understand the RealPlayer Encoder concept to transfer the recorded audio to RealPlayer plus he gave me tons of advice on some things to do and not to do. I am far from an expert and still learning but with Geno's help I managed to get the job done. He has been a goldmine of information and help to me and to a lot of people out on the Internet and your right, he has an excellent web page of audio sounds he completed. Thanks again Frank. And thanks again Geno !!


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