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Lance Matthews Solution
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On The JonBenet Discussion Board
A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST


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02-15-1999 Show Commentary

The following sections of this radio show were recorded live off the Internet from radio station WROW Albany, New York on Monday night, February 15, 1999.

Host was Dave Lucas with guest Lance Matthews. Lance Matthews was an Internet poster who often filled the role of guest host on the radio show. Lance was activily promoting J.T. Colfax, a Boulder County jail inmate at the time with daily postings on the Boulder News Forum where many regular members voiced unwelcomed interactive forum discussions. Lance was also promoting Colfax as part of the Dave Lucas scheduled radio show in a series discussing inmates on the web.

The regular members of the BNF were in a major forum war with Lance Matthews that started in the fall of 1998 and continued for three months. That war included the hacking of the J.T. Colfax web site by unidentified persons and the infighting was vicious and malicious from both sides. I was an active member on the Boulder News forum from July 1998 through May 1999 and was witness to the events as well as being the one responsible for recording the live audio of the Dave Lucas show. Those live radio shows were encoded into realaudio by me personally and are part of this Webdollie realaudio series documenting the history of the Internet subculture following this case.

This particular scheduled live radio show was unique in that it was announced at the spare of the moment by Matthews on the BNF as a show for the members of the forum to call into the radio show that night to discuss the problems that were occuring on the BNF. From postings by members on the BNF it was apparent that nobody was interested in calling into the show with the main reason being over a posting Matthews did called "Madkowz's Valentine Special." The posting Matthews did was filty and vile and posters vowed never to return to the Dave Lucas show if Matthews was on the air.

This was the posting that Matthews put on the BNF to announce the show:


"matthews - 02:43am Feb 15, 1999 MST
Thank GOD for the first amendment!!!!
In an effort to return the BNF forum to a reasonable place to dicuss the JBR case... Dave Lucas will host an on air discussion on the JBR forum on BNF. Gary Love has been invited and will hopefully answer questions from us all. The discussion will start at 11:OO MST tonight. Chat will be open for those who prefer to talk via their keyboards. Thank you for reading this, Lance"

The radio show went on the air at 1:00am EST as scheduled and a few posters appeared in the WROW chat room as I set up to record the show from my home. I typed up an e-mail to Lance that contained my opinion of what had been going on. Shortly afterward Lance brought another Internet poster name Jameson on the air. Jameson is well known as a die-hard Pro-Ramsey supporter and was not very well liked by a large percent of the Internet community. Jameson always quoted that others didn't like her because she defended the Ramseys but many voiced a different story and contributed the dislike to Jameson's past history on the forums where they accused her of being deceitful surrounding tales of gender confusion to out right lies and many believed she was part of the RST (Ramsey Spin Team.)

In addition to the poster fighting over Matthews force feeding J.T. Colfax down their throats, he also took up for Jameson and basically promoted her on several previous shows referencing her often as the Internet authority and archivist on the case so it wasn't a surprise when Lance brought Jameson online this night in what was obviously to many as a teaming up for the anticipted incoming calls.

Lance and Jameson were talking about the murder case and of course Jameson was talking as though she is the authority and she went from talking about errors in Larry Schiller's new book and that she had one full chapter of the book for quite some time she said prior to the book being released. Jameson also talked about the mysterous bear that was photographed on JonBenet's bed but said nobody in the family ever seen the bear before except Pam Paugh stated she did see the bear when she went to the house shortly after the murder. Jameson also stated that the friends the Ramsey's who were called that morning of December 26th were called to bring the ransom money over and she said that included the Reverend.

Forty-five minutes to an hour had passed and still no incoming callers to discuss the situation on the BNF. The conversation continued between Lance and Jameson as Jameson explained to Dave Lucus how she happened to be allowed to tour the Ramsey Boulder house in October 1998 and from there she went on to explain where she got the stun gun theory. From Lou Smit, of course.

Finally some posters in the WROW chat room began making references to the "Madkowz's Valentine Special" posting Lance did on the BNF but Lance basically blows off the reference and changes the subject back to Jameson talking about the intruder theory. She talks about the house, the size, the doors, windows, the sound experiments she and others did and then she got to the ransom note which she believe the killer only wrote as a part of his fantasy because he had nothing else to do.

Then Jameson goes into her college frat boy theory and uses the name "Wilton" as this sicko perp who she suggests killed JonBenet. What the listening audience doesn't know is that Jameson and another poster on the BNF named "Wilton" were once friends and then became flaming forum enemies because of some information that Wilton disputed that he claimed Jameson told him about some child pornography found on the Interent that Jameson turned over to the BPD with suggestions that the child was the daughter of the Ramsey housekeeper and that the rapist was the child's father.

In addition Lance was on the outs with "Wilton" also and blamed him for the hacking of the J.T. Colfax web site. So the relationship between both Lance and Wilton and Jameson and Wilton was not good and it was quite obvious the digs toward the name Wilton were done in a silent harassing manner even though the theme of the show this night was suppose to be Lance Matthew's solution to the BNF problems. Then suddenly Lance decided to read the e-mail on the air that I sent to him earlier that evening. From there the discussion of the case ceased and Lance began talking about the BNF and how nasty and vile posting were. What he didn't tell was that many of the postings were also done by him under the various faux hats he created.

Another poster Lance had targeted was known as "Gsquared" and he began talking about her and some things he said she had done to him but he did not admit what he had done to her on the forum. A poster named "Kira" in the WROW chat room kept making reference to Lance's "Valentine" postings and he finally referenced it as how he likes to use colorful language sometimes and he downplayed the little character he called "Madkowz" as just a little character he used to tell the Valentine Day story about a trip to Tijuana and he end that with, "it was really fun." The rest of the BNF posters did not think it was fun and several posters who were in another IRC chatroom at the same time the show was on were talking about how they couldn't stand Matthews and the lies they said he was telling on the air.

The facts were that both Wilton and Gsquared were so desparate to stop Lance from his attacks that they threatened to contact his parole officer which Lance used on the radio show as an example of how the BNF posters were out to get him. From there both Lance and Jameson joined in to tell Dave Lucas how each was used and abused on the BNF. Jameson told the story of how somebody obtained the obiturary of her deceased brothers, one that died in 1966 and another in 1990. She claimed that others posted the names of the four sons of her brother that died in 1990. Jameson then volunteered that she walked away from her family twenty two years prior and has had nothing to do with any of them since.

Lance then began telling the story of his ex-girlfriend, Liz who over-dosed on Heroin and died in the fall of 1998. He was blaming the posters on the BNF for dragging his deceased girlfriend onto the forums but in fact it was one of the origninal WebbSleuths posters where Jameson was moderator who posted accusing Matthews of killing his girlfriend by suggesting he sold her the Heroin that caused the over-dose.

Both Lance and Jameson continued for some time talking about the poster named "Gsquared" and from there Lance talked about the corpse photos that belonged to J.T. Colfax and it was well known that Lance's intentions was to publish the corpse photo's on the web. He talked about it on the radio station on previous shows as well as on the BNF. Many were against him doing that and voice strong opinions on the issue.

Finally three o'clock in the morning rolls around and the first and only Internet caller was announced by Dave Lucas as, "Hello coward, identify yourself?" The caller was LoriAnn who said she was calling from Memphis, Tennessee who immediately lets Lance know she is aware he is playing the victim. LoriAnn admitted she was the one who posted the "wheel of misfortune" thread that expose personal information about Lance and his mother. She said she did it after she started getting telephone calls from Lance, she claimed who threatened her that he was going to pass her personal information onto some convicts. Lance denied calling her house.

LoriAnn then went into detail regarding a previous aired show on Dave Lucas where she was cut off the line by Lance's live-in girlfriend, Lisa Flowers and that she felt it was done intentially when Lisa found out that LoriAnn's intentions were to confront Jameson. That show was from January 1st and was also the time Samantha, using the "Dminor" hat called in to confront Jameson and called Jameson a liar on the air. Lance began to downplay the particular scene LoriAnn was talking about saying the end of that show was suppose to be about J.T. Colfax which wasn't true and in fact the show announcement clearly said it was to be on the Internet subculture.

That really was the night, January 1, 1999 when the first blood was drawn and the BNF war broke out. The seeded anger behind Lance's protecting Jameson on the air set the stage for a war that last until May 18, 1999 when the BNF was finally closed. Dave Lucas covered for Lance and both continued to downplay the incident that angered LoriAnn to begin with. LoriAnn informed both Dave and Lance that she was the head nurse, a registered nurse at a hospital and then LoriAnn and Lance get into it over who was the worst at flaming and causing trouble. LoriAnn said she only called in to let Lance and the listening audience know that Lance was trying to play the victim and that that Lance was as big a trouble maker on the BNF as were others.

Three thirty rolls around and even though Lance has vowed off on the air from flaming other posters he started again on Gsquared and Wilton and suggesting that threats were made to deliberatly violate J.T. Colfax's probation. The show finally ends with Jameson going on and on about the grand jury and Michael Kane, the one she calls, "the special persecutor."

June 11, 2001


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