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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
Radio Promo November 11, 1998



matthews - 02:14pm Nov 11, 1998 MST

Hi, Tonight (Nov.11th) on WROW in N.Y., the midnight D.J. (Dave Lucas) is doing a special on JonBenet Ramsey Murder Subculture. The JBR segment will begin at half past midnite N.Y time. The invited guests include J.T.Colfax (we still are trying to get confirmation on HIS end), Patricia Calhoun from Westword, The Lie Guy, and others. I will be a guest in the studio during the broadcast.

I would like to use this thread to also invite others... GOETHE2, MURPHY, TEXAS1 and any others from the "websleuths crew"!

You folks always gripe about how the RamRam specials are slanted, or to coin a phrase from Texas, "JADED". Well here's YOUR chance to stop HIDING BEHIND your keyboards and moniters and join me on the air in a LIVE public forum. You love to sit and speculate on this and that, BUT CAN YOU come out into the open to discuss YOUR views?

I know in the past, the Websleuth crew has knocked any public broadcast THAT doesn't EXCLUSIVELY proclaim the innocence of the Ram. BUT... THIS TIME YOU ARE FORWARNED AND CORDIALLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE!!!!

It would be nice to have "BOTH SIDES" of the story represented!

Welcome one, welcome ALL. I have hopes of that this broadcast will turn into a "Jury Room" type thing. Whereby, taking it in it's original context, we will have a place for "both sides" to meet and hang out.

DAVE LUCAS SHOW WROW590 at half past midnight N.Y. time!

One - Eight Hundred - WROW

One-Eight Hundred- nine seven six- nine five nine zero.

PONTIFICATE and then hide.

matthews - 02:51pm Nov 12, 1998 MST

PRORAMS...GET YOUR PRORAMS HEYA'....PRORAMS, GET YOUR PRORAMS. I can here the barkers shouting the call loud and clear. Picture the scene; Phatsy gets indicted AND the croud goes wild. Screams of glee, tears of joy and relief abound!!! Oh what a day it will be for JUSTICE for that little girl with the funny name. She smiles down from heaven content THAT her cries of help, although falling on deaf ears at first, were finally heard by the Grand Jury and the majority of the population. She may now move on and FINALLY rest in peace. It is a good day to be an American. It is a good day for JUSTICE. It is a good day for everyone, almost everyone that is...

...It will not be a good day for Phatsy or Mr. RamRam! It will not be a good day for all those who hold steadfast to Ramsey innocence i (dispite the indictment AND the overwhelming evidence.) The latter will flock together to whisper how it is all sooooooo unfair. "Those nice Ramseys just couldn't have done it", will be their only cries. THERE ONLY CRIES. Oh, they'll say how the legal system's so unfair ('cept when it comes down to people that are "sick" like that Colfax guy). AND they will say what a wrong decision the GJ gave. AND THEN the will run and hide...Oh, the humility! To have backed those killers with all there efforts. To have put post after post of Ramseyspeak out in the forums and have been all along SUPPORTING MURDERERS. To held steadfast to NOT looking at ALL the pointing fingers of evidence (an extension of JBR's own heavenly hand, reaching down to point the way of the TRUTH about THAT night).

These folks will RUN AND HIDE. They will be done spouting off "Ramspin". AND will be such an "unsellable item" on ALL internet channels THAT they will have to hire barkers to walk down the isles of the forums and servers shouting in that old familliar hot dog pushers voice we all remember from our childhood trips to the ballgame.... "ProRams, get your ProRams heya'..." No thank you, I don't think I quite care for one of THOSE right now.

NOW, on pontificating and then hiding.... I invited the ProRams to come out from behind their computers and join in a radio show last night. Did they show? NO. I asked nicely, even explaining THAT I had hoped to get both views on the air in public. Yes, YOU probably would've been asked to name specifics details that would support YOUR beliefs THAT the Rams are innocent. YOU all do such a marvalous job of spin here, I figured THAT a LIVE broadcast would give you the perfect opportunity to "come out of your closets" and share your beliefs with the general public. DID YOU SHOW....NO! You have NO ONE but yourselves to BLAME when you cry and whine about all the "unfair coverage" those nice Ramsey folks are getting.

In an effort to 'enlighten' the Websleuth community (who still doubts that I am Matthews). I gave one of THEM my private e-mail addy and asked for this individual to contact me so THAT next time she wanted to speculate on "who I am" or any other aspect of "me", she could just ask. Did she? NO. More content to GUESS at stuff than to SEEK OUT THE TRUTH! Damn, THAT sounds familiar. No wonder THEY can believe in the innocence of the Rams


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