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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
Radio Review December 23, 1998



AuntieBJ's Radio Show Commentary
auntiebj - 05:47am Dec 23, 1998 MST
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Well tonight was first for me. In all my years (and there are a lot of those), I have never talk to anybody on a radio show or ever been involved with any type of media for that matter. But this morning around one o'clock am, I was one of the unexpected participants of the Dave Lucas show in Albany, NewYork where, the topic of discussion was the Internet subculture surrounding the JBR case AND the man they called the mysterious J.T.Colfax. I personally never thought of him as mysterious. I had heard about the show from Lance Matthews as did so many others and had tried for the first hour to get the live show via the radio station's Internet www.wrow.com web page using the RealPlayer Plus with no success because it wouldn't work on the web page so I missed the first hour of the show.

I finally gave up and decided to go visit some friends in MIRC chat. But being the persistent person that I can be, I kept trying different methods to figure a way to listen to the live show. Finally while still in the chat room I was able to get on the air via telephone. Lance Matthews, one of our more zealous BNF forum favorites, to some, was a guest on the show. I spent the first hour basically listening to several other callers such as Justin Mitchell, a news journalist talking via telephone with Dave Lucas covering some old news and opinions on the JonBenet case. They also talked about J.T.Colfax and his Clarksburg project, his writings, his artwork, his criminal history and the events that surrounded his involvement in the various facets of the JonBenet murder case.

Another unexpected first was that I ended up on the air with the infamous Jameson, who by the way was a woman with a very soft spoken and almost angelic tone of voice. Much different than the perception of reading her various postings. I was under the impression from prior emails from Lance Matthews that a variety of forum posters were invited to bring a controversial subject and opinion to the show regarding the JonBenet forums.

Lance Matthews already knew from his email guest list that he was drawing together a rather controversial group to begin with much less to ask them to be on the same show without bring up controversial subjects that could create a atmosphoere of attitudes. But after I was on the air then Mr. Matthews informed me that this was a Christmas show and opinions were to be kept in a more spiritual tone so to speak. Sort of like thinking you were being invited to a dog fight and then being told that one of the dog was a princess and you must not do or say anything that would offend them.

auntiebj - 05:49am Dec 23, 1998 MST (#1 of 6)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

AuntieBJ's Commentary continued..........

I did want to ask Justin Mitchel his professional opinion as a journalist regarding the Frank Coffman photo session of John Ramsey in Boulder last week but he was no longer on the air by the time I got to ask the question so Lance gave Jameson the floor to ask her opinion and she said she felt enough was enough on picture taking and that she didn't blame John Ramsey for over acting. Did I say acting, I mean over reacting. So I asked her then didn't she think it was enough was enough to keep taking pictures of the house, the hell hole as they call it and she didn't seem to think that was problem because she said she felt that was something people wanted to see. But what if people wanted to see pictures of John Ramsey?

Well in essence, Jameson said John Ramsey was human and the house wasn't. My next question was going to be then why if they don't want their pictures taken or involved with media then why are they appearing in a documentary for the public to see? I mean, isn't one documentary enough is enough or at what point or what version should that be classified as enough is enough.

But then there was a station break and during at break I was informed again by Lance Matthews that this was a Christmas show and that I shouldn't be pressing these type of issues that could bring about a more controversial attitude opposed to opinion and upset a particular person who was basically making her first media debut and by making waves could create stone blocks in future media issues. Of course there was another telephone caller whose name was Roger who was voicing a rather strong opinion regarding the JonBenet case and the role of the keystone cops in Boulder and Matthews didn't even reminded that this was a Christmas show.

The second question I wanted to asked Mitchel again was why Lou Smit was involved with the plea bargain arrangements involving J.T. Colfax's case? Lance also turned that answer over to Jameson who said she had heard that Lou Smit was not involved with the actual plea bargain but that he was just wandering around outside the court room at the particular time that the plea bargain arrangements were being made for J.T. Colfax and just out of some curiosity Lou Smit just wanted to gawk in on J.T.Colfax to see what he looked like so hence, he was just there.

Up until tonight I was sure that Lance and/or Colfax had said that Lou Smit was actually and positively a member of the plea bargain team but tonight Lance admitted that he couldn't confirm that since Jameson said what she heard. So the question now is what really happened during the plea bargain arrangements and was Lou an active team member or just some old detective with an idle curiosity who had nothing better to do that day and why was J.T.Colfax making such an issue about this then?

auntiebj - 05:50am Dec 23, 1998 MST (#2 of 6)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

AuntieBJ's Commentary continued.......

The highlight of the evening though was the on air pre-interview that Dave Lucas had with J.T.Colfax. I have never met Colfax before nor have I personally ever written to him other than postings on the BNF forum and I have only read his letters here on the forum. I have heard all kind of stories, mostly bad about his escapades in Boulder, his attention seeking ego, his fascination with corpse photos, his arson attempts, etc., etc., etc. And any opinion I have regarding him has always been somewhat in a neutral position of just wondering in amazement just how and what made this man tick to do what he did trying not to be too judgmental along the way.

But after hearing him speak tonight, I have to say J.T.Colfax is an extremely intelligent man, very articulate, quite a different perception of what his letters, his artwork, his antics bring forth. If I didn't hear it for myself, I wouldn't believe it. I mean, one can see his humor in his writings, you can see his style and frankness in his honesty with no holes bared. The man basically tells it like its, no powder puffing the stories to make them more interesting. I was impressed with the interview and the man. And at the same time I am still in total awe of how in the hell he ever got himself into all of this mess or even finding the humor in photographing corpses.

I can only say that I do hope God will look kindly on him upon his release from the Boulder County Jail and help him see his way to as honest a life that parallels what he puts forth in his writings. Lance Matthews, on the other hand is quite a showman in my opinion and a media manager that J.T.Colfax could only have dreamed of. I can see why the two of them connected while in jail together. Both are very intelligent, aggressive, artistic.

My disappointment of the evening came during the last five minutes of the show when Lance Matthews gave his little speech thanking what appeared to be his hand picked sweetheart to be his telephone guest on his show and I don't mean L.Flowers. So I have to ask myself after looking back over the various e-mails and forum postings that highlighted the guest list to appear if this really was a JonBenet Ramsey show or a J.T. Colfax show or a invitation of controversial Internet forum members or a Jameson media debut for her pre-preparation from what he refered to as non media existence until now.

So like with J.T. Colfax, Lance Matthews has become media manager that Jameson could only have dreamed of. In closing I will say that Dave Lucus on the show was very professional and the show was enjoyable and interesting.


jameson_ - 01:57pm Dec 23, 1998 MST (#8 of 8)

The show was a good one. It was balanced, informative, poignant and amusing. At one point I was laughing out loud. (Green jello indeed!)

I was hesitant to participate. For personal reasons, I have always chosen NOT to participate in such media programs. I am glad I came out for this one.

Thanks to Dave Lucas and Lance Matthews for having me on as a guest and for providing a place for different voices to be heard


matthews - 08:53pm Dec 26, 1998 MST (#50 of 50)
Thank GOD for the First Amendment !!!!

Well said Connie, My true intention of the radio show was to have all sides seen in an informative show. My big goals for the evening were to have Mrs.B give some backround on the forums and internet interest, then have Chris give the "anti-Ram" side of the fence and the forum she moderates, then Jams give the "pro-Ram" side of the fence and the forum she moderates. The evening would wind down with J.T.Colfax and the two extremes of THAT story, ie Ginja and Beanie.

I tried to have a balanced, informative, and unbiased show. Auntie came on after Mrs.Brady and Darnay were off(they got about 1hr 20min). She heard Jams and the aftermath....Listening to the tapes now I can understand how it looked to her. Ginja heard the first half of the show and didn't hear the rest. As it is with ALL stories...you can't formulate an accurate idea unless you hear all sides.

Dave's show is not a confrontational one. I had to talk over the format with him over many hours because of the possibilty of a confrontation on the air. He would just shut down all calls if that had occured.

My first disappointment happened when both Ma and Darnay had hung up...part of my agreement with jameson was THAT no one would be informed THAT she was going to appear. In all honesty she wasn't sure tHAT she would go through with it until the last minute and I didn't want to look like an idiot by announcing a no-show.

It took A LOT of litteral begging on my part to get her on the show. She was very reluctant. She also wanted to make it perfectly clear THAT this was a one time thing and she wouldn't do it again.

The anti-rams always complain THAT the ProRams never show up for "public" appearences. The ProRams always complain THSAT the JBR stuff in the media is slanted...I just wanted to be able to present BOTH views.

So, I am guilty of trying to put together an unbiased, informative program for others to be able to see this whole intrernet subculture that surrounds the JBR case from ALL sides. Please by all means...flame for this now.



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