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Press Release December 30, 1998



People are still talking about the appearance of Patsy Ramsey's sister Pam Paugh on "Dave Lucas Special Edition---JonBenet Ramsey--- the internet subculture" 12/30/98

"...the show was good. It was even. It was fair. Both sides got to say their peaces."--Lance Matthews (keeper of the JTColfax website )

"...Dave Lucas creates buzz--- he delivers the unexpected, the mysterious, the exciting--- stuff that keeps you awake long after the show is over."--Ariminda del Riviera (publisher "OneWorldBullet!n Online")

Syndicated radio talk shows are a dime-a-dozen on the internet. Thankfully WROW Program Director Paul Vandenburg is always ON THE BUTTON, having the foresight to get RealAudio up and running and establish a web-presence for am590 reaching far beyond anything Marconi ever dreamed about! A LOCAL radio station that covers the world! http://www.wrow.com

On 12/26/96 approx. 1:05pm 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her parents home in Boulder, Colorado. More than two years now have passed, and the murder remains unsolved. Like most people, I was moved by the case and followed all of the newspaper/magazine/TV reports.

Purely by chance, I met a gentleman last fall by the name of Lance Matthews who was drowning himself in the internet subculture that had sprung up around the Ramsey case. Matthews involvement came about as a result of his personal friendship with jailed performance artist JT Colfax (once a suspect in the Ramsey murder). Matthews (who had no previous knowledge about the internet or computers) built a shrine--- a website dedicated to the imprisoned Colfax; https://members.tripod.com/~JT_Colfax/index.htm

I thought it would be fascinating concept to do a radio show zeroing in on that internet subculture. Matthews would be the catalyst since he was well-known in pro and anti- Ramsey chat rooms and news forums.

We did two programs that would prove to be the "dress rehearsals" for the December 30th show... the two broadcasts never made it out onto the net because the RealAudio server had a habit of going down (and I did not know that the fix was relatively easy and could be done right from the backroom of the station!) On 12/30, RealAudio was up and running and the station website chat room wide open. (We maxed out the chatroom, reaching the total number of allowed users in short order!) Later, I started a thread on the Boulder News Forum that morphed into the fastest-growing thread that forum had seen in quite some time!

The evenings show was to be a first in the history of media coverage in the Ramsey case; Both "sides of the fence" (pro and anti-Ram) met in a venue that was not only neutral but comfortable and allowed both views to be aired and shared. Guests for the evening's broadcast included; Lance Matthews, in the studio; Mrs.Brady, of Mrs.Brady's URLs; Chris, Moderator of Justice Watch forums; Jameson, moderator of Web Sleuths forums; Richard Fleming, Editor of Boulder Weekly; Justin Mitchell, independant reporter MSNBC; Darnay Hoffman, N.Y.C. lawyer who had filed suit against Alex Hunter in the lack of prosecution in this case; Linda McLean, friend of Patsy and author of JonBenet's Mother:The Tragedy and the Truth; Dr. Andrew Hodges, psychiatrist and author of A Mother Gone Bad; The Hidden Confession of JonBenet's Killer .

The crown jewel of the December 30 broadcast was the appearance of Pam Paugh, Patsy Ramsey's sister, who chatted with us for more than TWO full hours--- the first time she ever took calls and answered questions from the public! Some of the information gleaned from the interview: Pam's insite to the idendentity of the real killer. The reason for the much talked about break in friendship between Fleet White and John Ramsey. (Fleet was with John when he discoved the body of JonBenet.) The first hand details of this event that occured after JonBenet's funeral.

Sound clips available at https://members.tripod.com/~MrWebb/index.html

We scooped/superceded DATELINE NBC as well! Here's what was said on DATELINE NBC Monday night 1/4/99 MYSTERIES SINK CASES, AND THIS INVESTIGATION IS FULL OF UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. NBC News Consultant Lawrence Schiller: Another great mystery, at least right now, is the DNA evidence found on JonBenet's body. Reporter:There was DNA evidence taken from JonBenet's fingernails? Schiller: YES. It may have been contaminated. The bands on the test strips are very very weak, but they haven't been matched to anybody. Reporter: Nobody in the family? Schiller: They haven't been matched to anybody. Not only members of the families, but playmates, or other people she associated with. Reporter: And Schiller says there's more DNA evidence that's even MORE troubling. There is a second source of DNA foundin JonBenet's underwear? Schiller: That is correct. It's a mixed stain. And we don't know yet whether the second source, the minor component, is saliva or blood, but certainly, if it doesn't match the father, which it doesn't seem to, doesn't match the mother, which it doesn't seem to, it has to be somebody else. Reporter: And who might that be? Schiller: We know police have taken DNA from other people they've questioned in the case. And just in the last few weeks, they took DNA from Patsy Ramsey's relatives in Atlanta.

Here's what Pam Paugh said on WROW 12/30/98 Question: Does the DNA under those fingernails actually match the DNA that was found in the panties? Pam: "Well, from what I know, the DNA under the fingernails, when it was collected, and ummm, I saw JonBenet's body (obviously) -- her fingernails had been removed fairly deeply into the nail bed ummm I would say about, oh on a child about an eighth of an inch from what we would call the half moon... ummm.. and later to find out though that when the fingernails were being removed the instruments that were used were not clean and nor were they taken out of a sealed sanitized package. They actually used previously used clippers and files and so forth so it was not known if THEY contaminated them or what--- so that had to be put aside as not useable. Secondarily then there was DNA found on the INside of her panties which is considered commingling DNA and that means that in other words if I touch your shoulder and then YOU touch your shoulder, ummm, those are unlikely to be touched in the same place Ummm if we however umm hold hands, and then or umm if I'm you know holding your hand or sticking my finger in your mouth or whatever and THEN it gets on the inside of your clothing, that's commingling DNA. So that's a long process to seperate that. And when it WAS seperated one strain of DNA does in fact belong to JB the other strain is unidentifiable. It has been tested against Patsy John and Burke's DNA and it is DEFINITELY a no-match."

So what's next for Dave Lucas and WROW? In the works: "Two Mysterious Disappearances" about missing SUNY-Albany coed Suzanne Lyall and pregnant NYC resident Kristine Kupka. I've been in touch with both families and we need to keep the cases in the public eye. There is even a web site is devoted to finding Suzanne Lyall at: http://www.sunnyday.com/suzanne/

We're also planning a special on "The Black ViewPoint" AND YES--- another very special broadcast dedicated to little JonBenet Ramsey, with special guests invited! The program currently airs Saturdays at Midnight on AM590 WROW Albany NY http://www.wrow.com Dave Lucas mrwebb@slip.net phone:




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