A Personal View Of The
The Internet Subculture
Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder case

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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
Internet Classic Moments



January 1, 1999 a poster named Samantha called
into the show using the "Dminor" hat
calling Jameson a liar on the air


January 1, 1999 an unknown woman called
into the show suggesting that it was
supicious that "WiltonJr" visited JonBenet's gravesite
and suggested the call be traced


March 6, 1999 Chuck Green's
conversation with Jameson


April 3, 1999 Frank Coffman tells the story of when
he photographed John Ramsey attacking him in
Boulder, Colorado in 1998.


April 3, 1999 an Internet poster named Brenda
confronted Judith Phillips on the air regarding
her selling JonBenet photos to the tabs


April 19, 1999, Frank Coffman called into the show
using the "Whispering Ed" anonymous persona
to ask questions to Darney Hoffman that ended
in a heated discussion on the air.



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