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The Dave Lucas Radio Show
March 6, 1999
Partial Transcript
Chuck Green and Jameson


TRANSCRIPT: March 6, 1999

Lance Matthews: Chuck you just talked about people you were in touch with you and on the phone lines right now is somebody that's just out on the Internet that I am in touch with that I find has a lot of information and I imagine she has a couple questions for you, eh, welcome to the show Jameson.

Jameson: Hi Chuck

Chuck Green: Well hello, well my real name is Chuck, let's start out with talking to real people with real names.

Jameson: I said Chuck

Chuck Green: Yes and you were introduced as Jameson. I don't believe that's a real name

Jameson: Oh, well

Chuck Green: I believe in people standing up and being accountable for their opinions and their public conversation. I do and I expect people to converse with me at that same level so are you S*e B*nnett?

Jameson: Oh, yes I certainly am

Chuck Green: Okay, there we go. See it's not really that difficult.

Jameson: No, but I, I did stay anonymous for as long as I could because I didn't feel that, number one I didn't feel that my s*x, my gender, my age, my religion should have anything to do with our discussion of the Ramsey investigation. And it was frankly nobodies business and you know your out there earning a buck, your being a reporter. I'm was here on the Internet and there was no need for anybody to know anything about me. I am just an Internet poster. I did give Larry permission to use my real name in the book.

Chuck Green: Okay

Jameson: That, so I'm out

Chuck Green: There your out, okay

Jameson: I'm out

Chuck Green: Okay

Jameson: But I am still Jameson when it comes to this, this case. That is my name so you can call me Sue all you want though.

Chuck Green: That's fine, let's get on with it. (chuckles)

Jameson: Let's get on with it (chuckles). I, I'm not quite sure why you are so a, confused about my role in this, I mean because I….

Chuck Green: Why am I so confused about it?

Jameson: Well you were, you know, it's a, I think that people in Boulder they do know, I mean you talk to the cops they know that I talk to the Ramsey's.

Chuck Green: Well now you know you say I am confused. Let me tell you that I do not, I am not, I don't follow the Internet chat on the Ramsey case closely at all, I, you know I just, I could spend as many of you do my entire waking hours following this case in chat rooms and on bulletin boards and so forth, I don't do that. I don't have the time to do it. I've got many many other subjects that I deal with so I'm not, I'm not intimately familiar with much of the discussion that goes on the Internet in this case. And a, for your specific role and who you talk to, who you haven't talk to, what they said, what you said, I have not followed it very closely.

Jameson; Oh I know but you….

Chuck Green: So if that's confusion or if it's disinterest, whatever, so be it.

Jameson: I think your so busy with real live that you don't need to be on this, the Internet. Ah, I am looking at the chat room and they are saying I am going to sue people for using my real name and who knows my real name. It's public, it's in the book.

Lance Matthews: But what your saying they are going to sue you, ah, or we're going to sue, when they're saying their going to sue other people is the su and e in caps?

Jameson: (chuckles)

Lance Matthews: I'm sorry they do that all the time on the forums.

Jameson: I know, I know, but Chuck you were on Peter Boyles show and Peter Boyles has talked about me several times. I did post Lou Smit's resignation letter before the media did because the media was hesitate to post it in full. And that really wasn't fair, they posted Thomas's resignation letter, they did not post, they were not anxious to post at all of Lou Smit and the journalist who was in touch with me that this letter was going to come out and when it became obvious that the media, I mean it was hours the media did not want to post the entire letter.

Chuck Green: Well you know, if I, well first of all the media can't publish what it doesn't have. I would have loved to have had the a….

Jameson: They had it before I did.

Chuck Green: Letter of resignation the moment he a, a typed the last period and I would have published it in full in my column but I can't if I don't have it. If you received it before I did or before some other publication did more power to you. That can't be held against the media for not printing it if we don't have it.

Jameson: Well I know AT had it..

Chuck Green: Lou Smit said, Lou Smit said he would not release that letter and, and he did obviously.

Jameson: Well AT had that letter before I did and, and they did not, it was hours, I mean I know that they had it like two o'clock and I didn't publish it till seven or eight I think but ah, I am just saying that my name has come up, Jameson has come up on Peter Boyles show for that for ah, I believe for talking with the Ramseys.

Dave Lucas: For the benefit, for the benefit of the people listening who are listening who are unfamiliar tell us a little bit about this Peter Boyles character.

Jameson: (chuckles)

Chuck Green: Well Peter Boyles is a talk show host in Denver, he, he has a morning drive time talk show on an AM station here that has a considerable audience. I think now his program is rated at somewhere in the like four, five or six among the twenty-seven stations in Denver. He's been in Denver for quite some time, he started out here as a traffic reporter, he has written for a city magazine, he's worked for four or five different stations in various capacities but he is considered now to be leading or one of the top two talk show hosts in Denver. He has focused on the JonBenet Ramsey case since the first week. He frequently devotes his entire four hour program to discussion of this case and sometimes he does that several consecutive days so that in a nut shell is who he is.

Dave Lucas: Okay, Jameson, you have any comment?

Jameson: (chuckles)

Chuck Green: And I, let me also add that he has made it quite clear on the air that he believes that Mr. And Mrs. Ramsey in one, to one extent or another both are involved in the murder of their child.

Jameson: Thank you, yes, I was going to say he is one of the leaders, one of the leaders of the lynch mob and he has welcomed Internet members of the lynch mob on his show. He is quite pointed in his position and he certainly does not care for me. But he has mentioned me a few times on his show and it's not been flattering. I am not sure if you have been a guest on his show when my name's been mentioned but my name's been thrown around, thrown around for months now.

Chuck Green: But there were….

Lance Matthews: I do have to say Jameson it's not really fair to call all the Anti-Rams a lynch mob.

Jameson: I didn't say all Anti-Rams were, I did not say all

Lance Matthews: That there's a lynch mob, that would be as effective as me saying there is RST.

Jameson: I don't believe your part of the lynch mob and you believe that the Rams, that Patsy did it but that's neither here nor there.

Lance Matthews: Oh definitely

Jameson: There's, you believe it and you come in and you give me reasons why you believe it. The lynch mob wants to hang them and doesn't even discuss evidence.

Dave Lucas: Well I kind of go with the Burke did it theory but I guess we have to see exactly what happens there

Chuck Green: Are you serious about that?

Dave Lucas: Yes, absolutely

Chuck Green: Let me address that............


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