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History of Lance Matthews on the BNF
And The Dave Lucas Radio Shows


Matthews went on to work for a station called WBUZ420 and the last anybody heard he had moved to Amsterdam, Holland
The Dave Lucas Radio show was broadcast live via the Internet from station WROW in Albany, New York where scheduled shows covered the Internet subculture and the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. Dave Lucas met Lance Matthews, an Internet poster and local to the Albany area who became a regular nightly guest host on the shows.

The seven recorded shows that are part of this ACandyRose Internet subculture "Webdollie" series were from December 30, 1998 through March 6, 1999. All real audio files available for this Webdollie web site were recorded off the Internet by ACandyRose (aka AuntieBJ) "as is" via non technical audio equipment setup during the live broadcast of the radio shows. The quality of the recorded shows may very and could contain background sounds unrelated to the recorded radio shows. The recordings were then encoded to real audio by ACandyRose and then split into smaller segments for easy uploading to a server account and for the consideration of those listeners with older PC equipment or WebTv.

The short five month history of the Dave Lucas radio shows that highlighted on the theme following the Internet subculture and the JonBenet Ramsey case surrounded around an Internet poster named Lance Matthews with the first show scheduled for November 11, 1998 and the last show aired on May 1, 1999

There were fifteen shows total that were broadcast between midnight and three o'clock in the morning and offered live interviews from some twenty plus well known authors, journalists, physicians, attorneys, photographers, handwriting experts and even Patsy Ramsey's sister, Pam Paugh. In addition there were some twenty plus Internet posters who called into the show asking questions and participating in interactive discussions with special guests and with each other.

Lance Matthews was a natural and had a good voice as a host for a radio program. In a press release dated December 30, 1998 Dave Lucas quoted, "I thought it would be fascinating concept to do a radio show zeroing in on that Internet subculture. Matthews would be the catalyst since he was well-known in pro and anti- Ramsey chat rooms and news forums." The radio station, WROW got RealAudio up and running but there were problems with the first two shows being received on the Internet. By the third show on December 30th the audio web site was working and the station set up a chat room for visitors on the Internet to communicate with the station hosts, Dave Lucas and Lance Matthews during the shows.

Lance Matthews was also actively promoting J.T. Colfax, a former cell mate from the Boulder County Jail with a "Inmates on the Web" project theme that included the experiment of interactive Internet forum discussions using letters written by Colfax in jail that were mailed to Matthews and in turn, Matthews mailed forum threads and chat logs to Colfax in jail to promote further discussions.

Colfax was still serving the last year of a two year sentence for theft of the sign in log sheet when JonBenet Ramsey was taken to the morgue in December 26, 1996. Colfax was also charged with arson after he turned himself into the Boulder police to confess to a stunt whereas he tried to stuff burning book pages into the Ramsey Boulder house mail slot which Colfax would later described as a desperate solution to other problems he had, both personal and legal during that time in his life.

That "Colfax on the Web" promotional project started in October 1998 by Matthews on the Boulder News Forum known to the Internet community as the BNF, an un-moderated forum comprised of a large membership of opposing groups not just in the pro and anti Ramsey or Colfax groups but those part of various cliques and/or forums in major opposition. The history of the subculture on the forums of those following this case would often include judging others on poster views, friendship with others, classifications of a posters beginnings or whether they were a lurker or active discussion participate and those who represented historical reminders of past flame wars on forums gone by.

Matthews reception on the BNF was not met in good favor by all while some were sympathetic and others felt Matthews was trying to shove Colfax down their throats. In the meantime Matthews sought the aid of a major forum owner to develop and maintain a web site on the Tripod server to house the Colfax's legal documents, stories and inmate letters.

By November 11, 1998, Matthews took Colfax to the airwaves via the Dave Lucas Radio show out of Albany, New York with his first show and a second show scheduled for December 23nd. By this time though a great amount of infighting known to the Internet community as "flaming" was occurring on the BNF between those members and members of a rival forum known as WebbSleuths that was owned by a poster named Murphy and moderated by another named Jameson.

J.T. Colfax, still in the Boulder County jail, became a target of these attacks on the BNF as part of his association with Matthews who in no short terms was creating some major hostility between posters from both forums where he started out on one end of the fence and then jumped to the other side while still playing both sides in addition to what many felt was instigating flaming between some posters and forums.

Matthews, on the other hand felt he was doing nothing wrong and that posters were just attacking him. Some posters felt Matthews association with a poster under the hat of "Gsquared," was a major wrong move and that association would prove to be fatal to both parties on the BNF in the months following because of past history poster war issues unrelated to Colfax.

By the December 23nd radio show, Matthews had let his position be known on which side of the fence he was on when he introduced Jameson as his special guest, another move that would prove to be fatal. Matthews was treading on very thin ice trying to balance his new interest in Jameson, a poster whom others had extensive historical hostile attitudes toward.

When the forum owner of Justice Watch, who created the J.T. Colfax web site informed Matthews that she could no longer help him he contacted me to maintain the site and I declined the offer. Matthews then sought the help of another poster under the hat of "Wiltonjr" who become the new webmaster. Wilton and Jameson were on the outs also since that previous summer and Matthews major mix and match of friends from different hostile groups was one of his downfalls on the BNF and with Matthews went his girlfriend, Lisa Flowers and Colfax.

The Dave Lucas radio shows were expanding into new directions beyond just the Internet subculture into live shows with guest such as Pam Paugh, Patsy Ramsey's sister, Andrew Hodges, Darney Hoffman as well as guest appearance by Linda McLean who authored, "JonBenet's Mother, The Tragedy and the Truth."

The December 30th show also had Richard Fleming, Editor of the Boulder Weekly and Justin Mitchell, an independent reporter and of course Jameson and her timeline, who Matthews repeatedly introduced and promoted as the authority on the case and Dave Lucas literally sold her timeline during air time as the archive record of the case history. Jameson's new notority as the archivist of the case, per Matthews and Dave Lucas, was not an opinion shared by a large percent of the Internet community.

The straw that broke the camels back on the BNF forum and would be considered an answer to the question Matthews asked so often as to "who drew first blood" on the BNF can be found on the January 1, 1999 Dave Lucas Radio show. Matthews had been heckled that if the show was to be about the Internet subculture then how come he didn't have the subculture on the show so he announced that the January 1st show would be just for the Internet forum posters to call in from all over the country.

That show gave birth to the historical captured recording by Samantha using the "Dminor" hat as an anonymous identity to call into the radio show and to give her opinion that Jameson was part of the Ramsey spin team and Samantha called Jameson a liar. That confrontation on the air caused major conflicts and attitudes that started the early flame threads in January 1999 although the invitation for the seeds of hostility had been planted a month earlier when Matthews sent e-mails to several posters, including Samantha and myself inviting us to use the broadcast show format to confront Jameson on the air.

That January 1st show also added major hostility between another poster using the hat of "LooLoo" (aka LoriAnn) who also tried to call into the radio show but was intercepted by Lance's girlfriend Lisa Flowers who was helping on the show to answer telephone callers. Just as LoriAnn called in, it was announced that the theme of the show suddenly switched from the Internet posters to discussion about J.T. Colfax. To the forum posters who were part of the WROW chat room that night it appeared obvious that Matthews was protecting Jameson from others voicing their opinions about their suspicions regarding her suspected role she played in the Ramsey investigation specifically but not limited to being a part of the RST (Ramsey Spin Team.)

Three days later the J.T. Colfax web site was suddenly hacked and a picture of a small boy flipping the bird was replaced on the front main page. To this date it is not known who was behind the hacking of the web site. All hell broke out on the BNF and what had already become a major flame forum against Jameson turned into major forum war against Matthews and the incarcerated Colfax who would later tell the story of how he had very little knowledge much less control over what Mathews was dong.

During January 1999 the vicious flaming was so intense on the BNF that many wondered if the forum would close any day. Matthews became vicious with vile postings and filthy language directed mainly toward a group known as the "queens" and their immediate friends and the forum gave birth to massive anonymous members including Matthews under faux hats to attack and counter attack. Matthews claimed the only people who had the password to the now defunk J.T. Colfax web site were himself, Wiltonjr and the previous forum owner who created the site and with that Matthews targeted Wiltonjr as the hacker of the web site. Wiltonjr denied the hacking and that created additional hostility toward Matthews by Wiltonjr and his supporters.

For two solid weeks Lance Matthews was on the war path to point the finger at such posters as Samantha for when she called into the show under the "Dminor" hat and myself and several other posters on the BNF tried to be a voice of reason that Matthews had brought a lot of what happened onto himself. In private, he encouraged posters in December to call into the shows and confront Jameson and he claimed he was being impartial to allow all views, both pro and anti Rams but Matthews was allowing Jameson to voice her views against other forum posters like calling Mrs.Brady the lynch mob on the air but because she didn't do it directly to Mrs.Brady it was not considered confrontational but it was still an attack on another poster.

The "Wheel of Fortune" game thread started on the forum revealed a lot of personal information about Matthews and his family and when Gsquared came forward to tell the others that it was Matthews who posted a flame attack thread against one of the "queens" group from the previous fall then accusations began whereas Matthews accused Gsquared of paying him to go to a Kinko's to post the information. Gsquared denied the purpose of the money being paid saying it was toward Matthews long distance telephone bills. Matthews went up against the wrong crowd and he paid the price.

On January 16th a diversion of sorts occurred that temporarily brought the flame war against Matthews to a halt when an incident labeled as the "Tyzano Rape Hoax" happened. A poster under the hat name of "Penny" posted on Murphy's WebbSleuths forum using the logon of the Tyzano hat account posting that she was a friend of Tyzano's reporting that Tyzano had been raped in real life in the presence of her small child and giving the reason being that personal information was posted on the BNF that allowed the rapist to locate the real life location where Tyzano lived

Another poster coped the post from the WebbSleuth's forum to the BNF and shortly after several of the WebbSleuths posters came to the BNF to attack and accuse the BNF members, specifically Gsquared and two others known as Ted and Stingray. Additionally other BNF posters were being accused of insensitive caring toward Tyzano and the concern for personal information being posted on the open forums.

Lance Matthews, along with Jameson were two of the posters who claimed to be in e-mail communication with the "real" Tyzano during this reported period claiming the incident was not a hoax and Matthews even made an announcement on the January 16th Dave Lucas show about the reported rape. When the BNF posters asked Matthews to produce the e-mails to prove the incident was not a hoax he reported the e-mails had been lost. Matthews along with Jameson and a few others were called liars and accused of being a part of the hoax.

Dave Lucas, in the meantime was now calling Matthews, the "Internet personality," and giving an appearance during the live shows that Lance Matthews was well liked with massive supporters. During all of the behind the scenes hostility, Matthews was continuing to play guest host on the radio show as he increased his guest list to popular side show players but the attitudes of many vowed not to listen to the broadcasts.

By the middle of February on Valentine's Day Matthews posted what he called his "Valentine Day Special" on the JonBenet Ramsey discussion forum of the BNF, which was a disgusting and vile story of donkeys and whores who he named "Gsquared" and "Scoobi," the names of two regular members of the forum. The next day on the 15th of February Matthews posted a message on the BNF inviting everybody to a special Dave Lucas radio show discussion to talk about the issues on the forum in what he called, "Matthews solution to the BNF."

The "Valentine Day Special" was in my opinion the worst posting I had ever read much less that it came from Matthews. Many others voice similar opinions and word was out suggesting to boycott the radio shows. I set up to record the show that night of February 15th as I listened in amazement as both Matthews and Dave Lucas made fun of the BNF posters. They were joined by Jameson in what appeared to be a stand off with "them" against the BNF. A few posters showed up in the wrow chat room.

The only Internet poster who called in was LoriAnn who was known as "LooLoo" and later "Poisnivy" on the forum. She let the listening audience know that it was her opinion that Lance was playing the victim and that he was just as responsible for the flaming on the forums as where the others. The three hour February 15th show is the only one that I completely typed a written transcript for as a documented history of just some of the things that go on behind the Internet subculture. And although ninety percent of that show was comprised of Matthews and Jameson talking about the Ramsey case one can read that transcript and view a larger picture of how the radio show was used that night, in my opinion as a controlled venue to flame other posters.

After the February 15th show there were four more scheduled shows the end of February and into March and April with guests like Charles Bosworth, Dwight Wallington, Lawrence Schiller, Chuck Green, Stan Oliner, Cina Wong, Darney Hoffman, Judith Phillips, Frank Coffman, Micheal Tracey and Dale Yeager. And during those two months Lance Matthews vowed to not play into the flame wars on the BNF. But the month of April and into May brought a new group of anonymous posters to the BNF who wrecked total havoc on the forum. Many believed Matthews was behind the attacked but nobody would prove that.

The last Dave Lucas radio show aired on May 1st and had no scheduled guests other than Matthews and his friend, another forum poster under the hat of "Rushnut." On May 8, 1999 Matthews posted on the Boulder News Forum that Dave Lucas had been in an automobile accident and was hit by a drunk driver and that his car was totaled. A few posters on the forum expressed their sympathy while others doubted the story. Shortly after that Matthews posted on the WebbSleuths forum that Dave scheduled a special chat session in the Wrow chat room where he said Dave Lucas was to appear to explain what happened and why the Dave Lucas show was being cancelled.

At 10pm on the 8th of May a dozen posters showed up in the chat room. Matthews was short on answers and claimed that Dave was going to show up any minute with a full explanation. While the posters were waiting for Dave to appear, Matthews made the comment, "Dave was rear-ended by a drunk driver... he is just tired working for that station and the timing was good to cancel the show." Matthews also informed the group in a posting that he, "would have his own station up and running soon." While waiting for Dave, Matthews continued to promote the Colfax jail letters by posting the Sunnyday.com url for posters to visit the web site.

Finally a poster under the hat name of "CrashVictim" appeared in the chat room introducing himself as Dave Lucas and who posted the following,

"The show IS over! We have several options including setting up a web-based station. I did want to reassure everyone that I am okay post-crash. We seem to have filled the airwaves with many great shows and I am glad that many people enjoyed them but it is time to move on. New email address is DaveLucas@juno.com. A ll I have to say is that we had a great run but it is time now to rest! I am recuperating at home... my car is in autoheaven." And with that "CrashVictim" left the chat room.

That was the last time anybody on the forums heard from Dave Lucas. Dave simply disappeared although many believe there is a story behind the cancellation of the radio shows that is yet to be heard.

On May 20, 1999 the Boulder News Forum closed for good after intense flaming attacks by unknown persons with vile and filty postings about JonBenet Ramsey.

by ACandyRose
Saturday, June 15, 2001

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