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Lance Matthews Solution
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On The JonBenet Discussion Board
A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST
Part 2 of 7


RealAudio of Part 2 of the February 15, 1999
Dave Lucas Radio Show

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Dave Lucas: In this segment of the broadcast we are talking about justice for JonBenet Ramsey and also some of the things that are going on in the world wide web on the Internet particularly the Boulder News Forum. Now there is a thread, or actually an area on the Boulder News Forum where there is a JonBenet Ramsey murder case discussion and this forum originally it began in order to discuss the Ramsey case but it has kind of degenerated into something else. So lets bring back our guest, Lance Matthews and also Jameson is on the line.

Lance Matthews: It's funny you said there is a place on Boulder News where they discuss the JonBenet case. There is a place on Boulder News where people get vicious and sick on each other and take out their frustrations on daily life and their disgruntle little beefs about everything and blast one another with hat#FF0000 and there is a couple posters, there is one poster by the name of Bayou who I think is one of the best on case posters there is who post constantly on case. Most of the others get into the flame wars which of course I have been involved to. I am not an innocent party by any means

Dave Lucas: Well Lance the thing I can not understand in going to one of these forums especially if you are a new to one of these forums it's sometime very difficult to wade through all the nonsense and garbage that you just don't understand that is there. I mean here you are looking for a meaningful discussion on the murder case and your finding really just a bunch of garbage.

Lance Matthews: Boy eh, that kind of the way it is and garbage is a good word for it. It is kind of amusing sometimes but I can't even imagine going to that particular forum. I mean there are two forums that are on case constantly and that's WebbSleuth's and Justice Watch but Boulder News has just become ridicules. I can't even imagine going there and expecting to talk about Ramsey, maybe one out of every eight threads is on topic, the rest is just funny stuff.

Dave Lucas: Now Lance I have tried to get in touch with Gary Love. He is the sysops operator on the Boulder News Forum but I guess he has people running interference for him they won't let him answer the phone. But if he is out there listening on the Internet, he is welcome to call in at 1-800-WROW-590 because I'd like to find out here is a forum that supposable has a sysops op, a system operator, somebody who is suppose to be watching over it. I don't think he is doing a very good job of watching over it.

Lance Matthews: Well you know something I spoke to Gary and the reason he wasn't ready for the show tonight or on the show tonight because this night freed up at the last minute over the weekend. He did want to come on the air.

Dave Lucas: He did?

Lance Matthews: Oh yeah. Yeah he will come on the air and talk about this evidentially but as the staff is there it's a free speech forum and rather corrected, an un-moderated forum which means you can put pretty much just what ever you want. The only two rules they will come down and bash a post out of cyberspace on would be printing some bodies complete address, and it has to be a complete address and also printing some bodies phone number. You can put anything, you can put any bodies real name, where they work, whatever you want which causes quite a bunch of problems but Dave I am wondering if we could just backtrack just a minute off the forum because there is plenty to talk about.

Dave Lucas: Okay.

Lance Matthews: I was wondering about that book still. Jameson are you still around?

Jameson: Yeah, I'm here.

Lance Matthews: I believe you have seen parts of the book?

Jameson: Yes I've had one full chapter of it for quite some time and I have I know about some other things that are coming out in the book and I am a little disappointed because Charlie Brennan took a year off from the Rocky Mountain News in order to help Schiller with it and Charlie is the one who had the connections in Boulder and he knew some of the things that are still wrong in the book for example the book is going to say that the Ramsey's flew with the body back to Atlanta for the burial and that is not how it happened at all that was incorrectly reported early on and it was one of the reasons why people were angry at John that he could be calm enough to pilot his own plane and fly the body back to Atlanta, how cold of him. And actually the family flew in a jet that was provided by Lockheed Martin and they did not fly back with the body. Yet in the book that is incorrect. In the book things like the blueprint of the house are incorrect. He has Mindy, Melinda's bedroom swapped with John Andrews bedroom. Obviously he has never been in the house because the bedroom he has John Andrew sleeping in has very feminine wall paper and has pink bows on the walls.

Lance Matthews: Well you never really know, right.

Jameson: (giggles)

Lance Matthews: Sorry can't help it

Jameson: But the Newsweek had the correct setup. In fact it is not even called John Andrew's room because John Andrew stayed at the fraternity house and it was called Nedra's room because Nedra stayed there while Patsy was ill.

Dave Lucas: Wait a minute, how could an author who is preparing a book for national publication on such an important case how could such a mistake be made and how could he not be made aware of this, how could it not be taken to task or not be made note of? I just don't understand.

Lance Matthews: I believe this addition is first what they call first printing and a second printing will be due very very shortly with a lot of things corrected if I am not mistaken, I did hear that

Jameson: Yes, his second printing is already going to be starting this week. I don't know how many corrections he is going to put in it.

Dave Lucas: I guess he is going to need a third.

Jameson: (giggles) Not unless he gets the next one right

Dave Lucas: And we do make mistakes because we are, I can't tell you how many times I've sent something out over the Internet and look back and say, opps I make a mistake, why didn't I catch that. I just happens sometimes.

Jameson: But for the two people who have been on the book for a year and a half and they are saying, they are quoting the housekeeper whose now coming out and saying that's not what I said, I actually said the opposite of that.

Dave Lucas: Could they have got their notes mixed up somehow or something?

Jameson: Well it is almost like did they write this book twelve years months ago and edit it and put the wrong one into the publisher. You know I just don't know why these mistakes are there because some of them are pretty basic.

Lance Matthews: How much of the book have you read?

Jameson: (giggles)

Lance Matthews: I guess that doesn't come out, eh?

Jameson: What?

Lance Matthews: How much of the book have you read?

Jameson: I can't answer that

Lance Matthews: Okay. No biggie but there is a lot of mistakes, eh?

Jameson: Yeah, there's a lot, I mean quite a few of them came out in the Newsweek excerpt and umm….

Lance Matthews: Is that with the Patsy interview?

Jameson: Yeah

Lance Matthews: Oh.

Jameson: Although that's not a mistake. I am sure that that is right but if you hamme#FF0000 on me for three days by the third day I wouldn't be very calm either. He said to her you know what would you say I had evidence that you did it and she flew in his face and said show it to me and he backed down and said well I can't do that. Well he didn't have the evidence to know he could prove she did it and she knew that. By the third day of handling I mean I think he is lucky he wasn't assaulted

Lance Matthews: You know it is funny when I first came and looked at this case and everything else ………….stuff. My first interest as I said before and I will say it again, J.T. Colfax asked me to pop on the forum once, he is a friend of mine and I poked around and I made a posting and everybody accused me of being someone else later like every two hat is and I will tell you something when I first came on I was completely convinced that these parents had killed their kid that without a doubt Patsy went Waaaack in the middle of the night as I like to say and it is really strange because reality is now, you know I can't buy an intruder did it actually a mysterious intruder did it, I don't buy that either but in talking to Pam, Patsy's sister, I've I'm really actually looking at another avenue and my my ninety percent Patsy did it is starting to waiver down and her theory seems to make a lot of sense that it is possible that this is all planned out, that someone planned to stick this family, these parents with the murder of their own child. I do see it as a possibility and if you look at everything from the note and everything else it could have been a complete staged crime just to frame these people

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