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Lance Matthews Solution
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On The JonBenet Discussion Board
A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST
Part 6 of 7


RealAudio of Part 6 of the February 15, 1999
Dave Lucas Radio Show

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Dave Lucas: There somewhere and there are people who have ways of extracting that information.

Jameson: Well somebody needs to tell that to people when they are coming on because I....

Dave Lucas: People don't know that though.

Jameson: I had never been on the Internet before I went into the Ramsey forum. Matthews had never been on the computer before he went in the forum.

Lance Matthews: I haven't touched a computer or been in the Internet until literally August 27th and I hopped on the Boulder News Forum in first week, second week of September and I came out and I told my story and I didn't think there was anything real big about printing under my real name or telling people anything but of course anything you tell them.

Dave Lucas: Anything you say will be used against you.

Lance Matthews: In the Boulder News Forum, yes.

Jameson: And they will twist it and they will add to it. I mean, if you say um you know that that you had you know two dollars stolen they are going it two hund#FF0000, you know.

Dave Lucas: Hang on a second guys cause we got to take a quick break here, your listening to AM590 WROW, Dave Lucas with you sitting in for Joe Lirosi for a couple a days. We're on the line with Jameson who moderates WebbSleuth's on the world wide web. Lance Matthews is also with us. Lance is a moderating the WROW chat room right now you could say. It is ten minutes in front of three o'clock and we will be back.......


Dave Lucas: Right now twenty degrees in the Albany County International Airport and we are on the line with Jameson who moderates WebbSleuth's on the world wide web or should we say the world wide wake and Lance Matthews is also with us, Lance is a tippity typing in the WROW chat room. Welcome back to the program folks and you can pick it up Lance.

Lance Matthews: Hey I guess a just about a, I don't know this is just ridiculous these, a lot of these people, ah, especially this Gsqua#FF0000 thing. This person claims that she's a lawyer and a.....

Dave Lucas: Well, you know on the Internet you can claim to be anybody or anything, who would know?

Lance Matthews: Oh yeah, and that's a fact. A lot of these people are definitely not what they, what they say they are.

Jameson: You could have been a lawyer and you ended up a junkie?

Lance Matthews: Heya yeah, I should have come out and said I was a lawyer, I mean other people are doing it, right? Ah, but yeah, I could have been anything but I could have been a contender, you know, I don't know, I, it's kind of irrelevant, um, it's funny a, somebody types something about you complain about talking about your deceased girlfriend but J.T.'s pictures of others, dead ones are art with question mark and you know it's funny a....Kira just answe#FF0000 (can't make out) to chicken to come on the air and speak for yourself and you have to type behind your little computer screen like sociopathic people out there that participate in this type of stuff. A, well you know I consider them art, yes I do, I consider them art. I wouldn't have a problem with, matter of fact somebody asked me this the other night, in fact Jameson you had asked me this the other night if it came down to it how would I feel if somebody put a picture on my girlfriend and took a picture of it, right?

Jameson: Yes

Lance Matthews: Yeah, well you know what, and I think my answer was as long as it was in good taste that they didn't touch or move or pose her body, I think she'd laugh if she is looking down from heaven because you know they can take a picture of my body too, that's not a problem, it's doing something viciously, mentioning a dead person viciously, you know a, to harm somebody, that is where it gets to be sick. You know J.T. did his little private thing, he didn't publish any of his photos, you know it is a completely different story, we're dealing with apple and oranges here, we're dealing with people's ridiculous spins, people who sit in front of their computer and type hateful vicious things over and over and that sort of thing. You know we're getting on to something that I want to, somebody had said that this whole thing started with me, a because I was down with the rat pack and I used to, hey I used to, I was one of the people who followed Jameson around on the forums and use to, use to post hateful things about her when I first came on because when I came on I noticed that it was kind of a us, them thing, yahoo, the pro-rams against the anti-rams, the anti-rams against the pro-rams and people just going back and forth and you pick a team and you join the team and you join up with the rat pack. But a, I don't know I don't, I don't think.......

Jameson: But, but you went after me.

Lance Matthews: I, I don't think like a sheep. Oh yeah, In the beginning I went after you, like everybody else, I played the part but I went and I went and reached out a little bit and started writing you and the rest is history now but a, you know when this whole thing started that's the way it was and somebody had mentioned that the whole, the whole big flame fest with me being involved and people crossing the line and everybody starting to hate me on the forums was because I called Jameson an expert on the case a on one of our radio shows a that I did with you Dave and I will say it again.....Jameson, you, in my opinion are an expert in the case. Now you, see I consider Ma Brady an expert in the case. The definition if you would like to get right down to it, Jameson, you are an expert at compiling a timeline for this case. Do I agree with your personal opinions on the timeline? No way! Do I agree with your personal commentaries, oh come on please, don't even go there, I, I don't, I don't even have your point of view as far as this case goes at all. I completely disagree with it but I do think your an expert at compiling a timeline. I think that Ma Brady is an expert, Mrs. Brady's URL's. I think she is an expert at compiling an easy place for people to click on all the current news available on Ramsey and related items.

Dave Lucas: And Lance, CBS is an expert at the news and it is almost CBS news time so we are going to ask you folks to hang in there and join us on the other side of the CBS at three o'clock if you will. And for all of you who are leaving us now, thanks for being with us. I know we are going to pick up some new listeners as the hour of three o'clock approaches which it rapidly is doing as we speak. Clouds overnight, the low seventeen.....


Dave Lucas: And a one of these subcultures is the topic of tonight's discussion. We're talking about the Boulder News JonBenet discussion forum. Now I wasn't there in the beginning. I ah, just started reading there when I just by chance met a fellow by the name of Lance Matthews and he recommended I check it out. Since that day I visited the forum on numerous occasions, I watched the topics of threads ranging from serious discussions on aspects, theories on the murder to vicious attacks on other people posting on the forum. I have even seen people encouraging others to reach past their computers and actually try to harm others at their places of employment and their homes. Now folks it is sickening to me to see a forum that is suppose to be a discussion about a murde#FF0000 child turn into such an abuse of freedom of speech and I have even seen this forum closed during or rather due to this abuse and well during the abuse, yes. And it was recently opened up again. We tried to get Gary Love, Sysop from the Boulder News Forum to come on the program with us but so far he's refused. The funny thing is on this forum the same folks who cried and complained about the closing are some of the people who have made a mockery of the case and are abusing the forum again so we are welcoming anyone out there who is a poster or lurker on the Boulder New Forum and they are in, some of them are in the WROW chat room right now. Some of them are in other chat rooms but they are listening to this broadcast so if you folks would like to call in if you feel you have anything valuable to say or contribute or if you would just like to defend your actions on the Internet and I know your not going to call in because I know a lot of you are cowards but your welcome to call in at 1-800-WROW590. For anyone local who would like to join in the discussion about the case with our two guests, 476-5959 is the local line or pound 590 from your cellular telephone and we are on the line with two guests, a first of all we have Jameson on. Jameson is the moderator of WebbSleuth's which has gained a great deal of popularity on the world wide web and Jameson what's the URL to get on WebbSleuth's?

Jameson: Well, a, the easiest way to get to WebbSleuth's, to me is to go through the Timeline, it's on the front page of it, it has the a forum area. The URL for that is quite complicated. Ah....

Dave Lucas: I hate complicated URL's (chuckling)

Jameson: Ah, the URL for the Timeline is https://members.tripod.com/~jamesonTimeLine. And the only letters in Jameson TimeLine that are capitalized are the T and the L in Timeline. That will bring you to the front page of the timeline and from there you go down the page you will see the JonBenet forum. If you click on the button it will bring you to the forum and the URL for that (chuckles) is really long. Do you want it?

Dave Lucas: Ah, maybe we better not cause you know I find a lot of these long URL's people really don't have a chance to write them down and sometimes when they do they make a mistake, you know. It's probably a lot easier to just go to the Timeline and then kind of take off from there, you know follow the links.

Jameson: It's Members Tripod Com and then Jameson timeline. If anybody's looking for it, if they do a web search or a JonBenet Ramsey or Jameson they will come up with the timeline.

Dave Lucas: Okay, I am hoping that somebody will a, will someday will simplify the Internet. Also we have Lance Matthews with us on the line. Lance are you still there?

Lance Matthews: Oh yeah, I'm still here.

Dave Lucas: Okay and Lance ah it must be our lucky night because guess what?

Lance Matthews: What?

Dave Lucas: We have a one of the cowards from

Lance Matthews: Oh my God

Dave Lucas: The Internet a, just called in

Lance Matthews: No way?

Dave Lucas: So, yeah, yeah so we're going to pop on here and see who we've got. Hello coward, identify yourself?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Ah, hello yes, this is Lori

Dave Lucas: And where you calling from?

Lance Matthews: Oh my gosh!

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I'm calling from Memphis, Tennessee

Dave Lucas: Okay

Lance Matthews: Hi Lori

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Hello Lance

Lance Matthews: How's it going?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I am doing just fine, I see your playing the victim here tonight

Dave Lucas: Lance, are you playing the victim here tonight?

Lance Matthews: Oh, it's my best role

Dave Lucas: His best role. And a, Lori what, what things have you been doing on this forum that you should not have been doing?

Lance Matthews: (laughs)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Well, I posted the wheel of misfortune thread after I received an unsolicited phone call at three am from someone who posted that they were going to be passing my personal information to a group of convicts and etc. so yes I did post that thread and I am not sorry about it at all.

Dave Lucas: What a world wide web it is.

Lance Matthews: You know it's a funny thing is a.....

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Excuse me I can't hear you.

Lance Matthews: The funny thing is that you know yeah, I had, I had posted, that I went to Internet sites and sex sites and posted all your personal information so people would contact you. The funny thing is Lori is I don't even know your last name nor do I know the town you live on. Matter a fact I got into an argument with someone the other day because I was convinced your name really wasn't Lori so that was a big joke and then you blamed me for getting a phone call. Well it is funny because what I have noticed in the forums is a lot of people there are supposably friends with other people hope on another hat or do things a, against them just to stir crap up with people. Now what I'd suggest is that maybe that was somebody that you knew that had your number that made the phone call just possibly to aggravate you cause the fact is I don't a, I don't even know your last name, I don't know where you live so I don't have any personal information on you so.......

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Well, Lance I have (......) through someone who suggest otherwise. But regardless of the fact of whether you made the phone call or not, that's really not the point here, the point is you had done things to aggravate the forum and so therefore the things that are posted about you is just as much your fault as it is anyone else's.

Dave Lucas: This sounds like net rage going on here.

Lance Matthews: Now what, what...

Dave Lucas: We've heard of rode rage, now we have net rage.

Lance Matthews: Lori, let's get into specifics, cause I'm really hip on specifics. What specifically did I do that made you angry for you to start up on the forum, a, let's say harassing me with words?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): The thing that made me angry to begin with was that I called your radio station show after you suggested that I do so and after LFlowers suggested that I do so in the chat room because I wanted to confront Jameson on some of the things that he, well I call him a he because I really don't know if it's a he or she. It appears to be a she on the radio but the........

Lance Matthews: I think that John, I think that John Ramsey's voice altering machine is great and Jameson hooks up to that machine. John, your doing a good job. Go ahead, Lori, I'm sorry. Go..

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Anyway... What was the question again, I'm sorry.

Lance Matthews: What specifically did you do, did I do, what specifically did I do that brought you to harass me on the forum and you were saying that Lflowers.....

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Okay, on the radio show I wasn't allowed to speak

Lance Matthews: Okay

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): You had invited me to call and Lflowers had invited me to call.

Lance Matthews: And when you called

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Why does, why does Jameson get all this airtime when he's a friggin liar?

Lance Matthews: What um, what specifically where you told when you called that we wouldn't let you speak. What were you told?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): LFlowers told me that I could not, that the only discussion going on was about J.T.Colfax.

Lance Matthews: So you called in the last hour?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): No, no, no, this was a long, this was when you first started your Madkowz pad,

Lance Matthews: Oh I know...

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Remember when you had me doing everybody in Detroit?

Lance Matthews: Oh yeah, those, they were funny (chuckles).

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Yeah, that was real funny Lance!

Lance Matthews: But anyway, um, what, okay, so specifically you called the radio station and um, I believe that Lflowers ran in the room and, Dave, hey, your here, ah, you said that we were only going to talk about J.T. for the last 45 minutes hour and you told Lflowers cause I was sitting there to a...

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): But I didn't have anything to say about J.T. Colfax.

Lance Matthews: And, and, and..

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): And supposably she was suppose to offer me these options of other things I could talk about but I was cut off now I don't know, did she hang up on me or if we were disconnected but I was, I had a dead line after that.

Lance Matthews: Well now you called in Lori and you wanted to talk about Jameson and when you called in Lisa ran into the booth and said Dave we have a caller and Dave said what is you, what does she want to talk about Lisa said she wants to talk about Jameson and Dave's reply I believe if I remember right was, "Ah, I'm sorry but right now ah, we're going into Colfax and it's only Colfax so if she'd like to talk about Colfax she's welcome to join."

Dave Lucas: And ah, also I might add on there that a, you got to remember a radio show, a, if we could put it into Internet terms a, there are certain threads that you have to follow, I mean, you don't a, in the middle of something you don't stop and do something else just out of the blue, you got to have a thread of continuity to everything to, to bring it all together and keep in mind that one of the things that we've said right from the beginning when we first began doing the series of programs on JonBenet Ramsey that we were going to try to be non-confrontational and we were going to try and respect the people who not only called in but people who were guests on the program unlike what's being done right now on some of these forums and some of these chat rooms where you know, people are tearing each other's hearts out. That's not what we are all about here so a....

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Then why are you having a show about it tonight?

Dave Lucas: (Laughing) Well, this is a different night, this is a different topic, this is the night when we are trying to figure out what motivates people on a, on a broader level an, to try and do things like disrupt forums and trash websites and things of that...let me tell you a story, I was in Mariah Carey discussion group, oh this is going back to around 1995 cause I always like Mariah Carey music so I was in a Mariah Carey discussion group and all the people involved we were like in a mailing list and everybody a sent emails back and forth to this list server then distributed them to us, kind of like a chat room but a little slower and then all of a sudden these really vicious people got in there and started planting all these rumors about Mariah Carey and it got worst and worst and it got to the point that it was almost pornographic so much so that a lot of the younger kids that were in that, a, kids that were maybe 9, 10 or 11, 12 years old who were Mariah Carey fans who there parents let them participate in the chat room suddenly the moderator of the group was getting angry letters from the parents saying they were pulling their kids out of there and they couldn't believe the stuff that was going on and this is something that that seems to a, a, a thread again if you will that seems to run through this entire Internet scenario whereas good people get together and get something good going only to see it brought down by people who seem to have nothing better to do than to a, then to trash it or to try to make it pornographic or to take it in directions where it is not suppose to be going and it is so unfortunate that it is happening more and more on the Internet, ah this in addition to people being stalked by others on the Internet, people having their computers actually a, you could almost say raped by people using some of these program like back door and things to get into your computer through the Internet, extract information and possibly even leave a virus or bomb behind to wipe out your files or mess up your computer. Why on earth would people want to be so mean and nasty and downright evil is it the anonymity of the Internet that does this to people? What do you think about that Lance?

Lance Matthews: You know we live in a very sick world Dave with a lot of sick people and a, people just twist things out of proportion and go crazy for God knows what reason, a, probably, most of the time they really don't have all the facts.

Dave Lucas: Well how about you Lori from Memphis, what's a, what's the deal, why are you, why are you being such a meanie?

Lance Matthews: (Laughing)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): (Laughing) You are assuming I am some evil witch that...

Lance Matthews: Well a, a...

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): That is just out to get everyone and that is not the case.

Lance Matthews: Lori you came out and you came out with guns a roaring with this hat SamKay and this a....

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I am not SamKay!

Lance Matthews: Oh I know but your LooLoo, right?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I was LooLoo but now I'm Poisnivy.

Lance Matthews: Oh, yes I know. um, and I, and I do enjoy some of your posts but I mean you come out with guns a barreling right after that show cause you weren't allowed on the air to talk about Jameson you assumed you know, whatever but I mean here's the reality your hearing it from Dave, Lisa's here if you want me to throw her on the line for a moment, you know that's just what happened, Dave said....

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): That is not the only reason why I called.

Lance Matthews: Okay

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): The reason why I called is not because I didn't get on the radio show. It's because I was listening after I got home from work and yes I do have a job, I'm a nurse, I'm a registe#FF0000 nurse, I'm the head nurse in fact.

Dave Lucas: Wow, the head nurse!

Lance Matthews: (Laughing)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): It's all because....

Lance Matthews: I'm not even going to go into that one, that was an open one, okay

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): But... I hear jokes about it all the time. But anyway, my point was Lance is trying to play the victim, like he hasn't done anything wrong and that's not really the case. He has added fuel to the fire.

Dave Lucas: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Lance Matthews: I've...

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): And I am the biggest flamer on the forum, I openly admit that.

Lance Matthews: I totally admit, you know I'm not like oh you guys did but you know what when this forum opened back up I was being really nice, I was being real nice up until the other night I got into a battle with a hat named Copier and came out with some pretty crude things and I said hey you know that Copier's going at it, I don't even care anymore and I went a little overboard and ah...

Dave Lucas: Don't you think, don't you think this happens to other people as well, people who get out there on the Internet, they're nice people, they go out to a chat room or they get on MIRC or somewhere and they start communicating with others and then all of a sudden that little, that little evil ting in humanity that starts to come out and once it comes out and once it feels the power you can't stop it can you?

Lance Matthews: (Laughing)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): (Can't make out)

Lance Matthews: (Laughing) You know it, it's funny cause I don't know you, you kind of take it to .... to face it your a, you are under an anonymity, at least most of your are a, but it, you can take it to....you can have some fun with it, I mean, you know what I, I often on my little sprints of Madkowz fest and stuff I, I go back and I reflect and I sometimes feel bad about what I posted that it was just on there especially when somebody throw the JBR, it's kind of funny when somebody throws a JonBenet thing like , "oh remember what were here for, we're here to post about JonBenet," and then you read their post from two days ago and they were calling somebody this or that, you know it is kind of ridiculous, I don't know, what I've done tonight while I've been on the phone on the radio, there's now a spot on community forums on general discussion that read "Flame Fest, a place for JonBenet Ramsey posters to flame each other" so now there is a place off of the forum so my commitment, my personal commitment tonight, this is what I will do to help the cause is from now on if I have something to say LooLoo, hey if the Madkowz wants to walk out of the barn for a day and take a dance across the forum they have their own place to go from now on. You know, I am going to keep my BS, my crap and I will just try to post on case but I am just going to keep my of you know vicious spewing on people and retaliating and you know I am going to walk out the better for this.

Dave Lucas: You know some people say that the Internet is a micro Cosmo of humanity. What do you think about that? (Silence) Well, I have left everyone speechless now. (Laughing)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Are you directing the question to me?

Dave Lucas: Anybody who wants to take it.

Lance Matthews: Lori?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Go ahead.

Lance Matthews: Very nice accent by the way.

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Thank you.

Lance Matthews: Take it away please.

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I really seriously think that people take the forum too seriously.

Lance Matthews: (Snickering)

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): I really really do. I mean, yes we flame and yes we call names and yes we do a lot of nasty things but I really think that people take it too seriously. If they would learn to laugh a little bit more I really don't think it would be the problem it has escalated into.

Dave Lucas: It seems like people get so mean and vicious though. It, it doesn't just happen on a place like the Boulder News Forum, it happens in chat rooms. That's why you see people get banned from chat rooms on the Internet. It happens in other places you know it's like a ..... King said, "Why can't we all get along,"

Lance Matthews: hah

Dave Lucas: We can if we just I don't know I think it's a good proposal to just keep the stuff off and but you know of course there are some people who will always ruin it. Me, from this time on will keep my flames over on the other one ah if anybody enjoys Madkowz they'll be, they'll be hanging out on that new, that new little spot on BNF.

Dave Lucas: Okay, well you heard it from his own mouth he's, he's gonna behave himself now and a, Lori from Memphis thanks for your call. Anything else you'd like to say before we go for the break?

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Ah, no, I think that's about it. I think I've had my say tonight.

Dave Lucas: You said your piece and I hope your happy now.

Lori (LooLoo/Poisnivy): Thank you so much.

Dave Lucas: Okay, thanks Lori. It is three thirty your listening to Dave Lucas sitting in for Joe Lirosi on AM590 WROW.


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