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A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST
Part 3 of 7


RealAudio of Part 3 of the February 15, 1999
Dave Lucas Radio Show

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Jameson:    These people just to get Patsy and John in trouble. I honestly think this was a pedophile, a p#FF0000atory pedophile, who decided he wanted JonBenet, saw her at school on the playground at a store. And I do think it was very planned calculated crime. I don't think that somebody just happened to be walking by the house that night thought it was a good house to go into. I do think it was calculated way ahead of time.

Dave Lucas: Hold that thought a moment Jameson. We are talking with Jameson and Lance Matthews about the JonBenet Ramsey case. The phone lines are open folks 1-800-WROW-590, #590 from your cell phone, 476-5959 for all of you people who said you wanted to get a word in on this case well this is your big chance because we are taking your calls and we will put you right up on air no matter where your calling from. Fifteen minutes now in front of the hour of two o'clock in the morning. Dave Lucas sitting in for Joe Lirosi on AM 590 WROW.

Dave Lucas: We are talking about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case bring us up to speed on what's happening on the case we are on the phone with Lance Matthews and also with Jameson and guys just before the break we were talking about the possibility that a pedophile was watching JonBenet and had planned this whole thing so Jameson why don't you pick up your thought from there.

Lance Matthews: No, Now wait wait wait, we weren't talking about that. Jameson was, I don't buy the theory at all

Dave Lucas: Alright well one of us was discussion it

Lance Matthews: (laughing) But da, just curious about something if I may interrupt for a moment the thought. Somebody had posted on the Internet and it is a good question. How could a stranger maneuver through that dark maze of a house with either a child struggling or dead weight?

Jameson: Nobody had to negotiate (that is the word she used) threw a dark house.

Dave Lucas: Now how did you happen to get a tour of the house?

Jameson: Very Interesting. I was going out to Boulder in October to speak to Michael Tracy and the producers of CBS about working on a documentary. While I was out there I received an e-mail from someone I will not name but it was not Michael Tracy and was not Mike Bynum asking me if I was interested in having a tour of the house. I believe it is because this person wanted me to, I don't know if it was to thank me for my support of the Ramsey's or because they knew I was going to see something in the house that I would bring public. I did both. I went in the house and when I came out I was quite upset over some of the things that I saw that had not been made public, one of them being the boiler room with an open duct going out the window that could have easily carried the scream to the neighbors which had not been publicized. One of them was a piece of furniture in that room and I have always maintained that JonBenet was killed and she was held in a certain position and I believe she was held on a piece of furniture not on the floor.

Lance Matthews: Here you go, you believe that she was brought down to the basement and molested, right?

Jameson: I believe she was brought to the basement and that she was brought to the boiler room, I believe she was held on the freezer, the chest freezer.

Lance Matthews: Here's a voice from a voice of reason from the chat room. If you have written a note and are kidnapping or even molesting, go out the door!

Jameson: Why?

Lance Matthews: You know I would think these people would leave too. That's what I would think. I would think if they were going there to kidnap a kid or molest a kid or whatever that they would grab the kid and get out of the house. I doesn't make any sense for me.

Jameson: The house is huge.

Lance Matthews: Well it doesn't make any sense to do it there when they could just walk out the door and get out and do whatever.

Jameson: No, they knew they were going to kill her and it was safer to kill her in the house than it would be to carry her outside, risk being seen because obviously he wouldn't have had his car right by the back side door. He would have risk being seen outside at midnight with this child who might wake up and be screaming?

Lance Matthews: So he is going to grab the kid out of the bedroom, bring em downstairs to molest her?

Jameson: Wait a minute, the child, whether people want to believe it or not there is a very good indication, there is a good chance the child was hit with a stun gun and immobilized in the bed, brought down stairs and had her mouth cove#FF0000 with tape. When she came to, this forty five pound child whose got tape on her mouth, I would think that a grown man who wants to molest her would could bearly reason that she wouldn't be making too much noise and forty five pounds is a small child he could control.

Dave Lucas: Let me interject something here as well. I've known one in grammar school and one in high school, kids in the area whose parents had big houses and a I will tell you there is a lot of stuff you can do in a big house, it's cavernish and you can do stuff in there that people in other parts of the house have no idea what's going on. They can't hear you, they can't always see you either.

Jameson: When I was in the house we did some sound experiments. There is a umm, duct downstairs in that room there is a window in that basement room that goes out the front of the house. There originally was three panes of glass there, there is two now and the third one has metal with a metal duct pipe that comes in and curves down and is wide open. You can put your hand out there, it has never been blocked up, it is wide open and it doesn't attach to anything inside.

Lance Matthews: Are you suggesting he was going to escape through there?

Jameson: No I'm not. I am telling you that for sound experiments when I went into the house the second time in December we did some sound experiments and I took a flashlight into that basement and I put it up in that metal duct and I banged it around back and forth and the people I was with went up to the third floor bedroom and they could not hear it. And then we traded places and they went downstairs and banged inside that pipe and I went to the third floor bedroom and I could hear what sounded like, like very distant, umm, like a creak in an old house, a very distant, you know like a furnace turning on. That was nothing that would have woke me up or startled me or made me go down there and look. So I fully believe that if this house was big enough and when I was in it there was very little furniture, the curtains, you know nothing like that. When the Ramsey's were there there was furniture, curtains, a lot more stuff there. It would have muffled the sound even more. So we are talking about a house that didn't carry sound inside.

Dave Lucas: Where did the stun gun theory come from?

Lance Matthews: Oh no !

Jameson: The stun gun theory came out, (clears throat), I am trying to think of the month. It came out after Smit came into the case and he saw the marks on her body and he came out and said that he thought it was a stun gun. I believe it was in April of 1997.

Lance Matthews: And the forensic guys, the experts, the coroner,, they said?

Jameson: They, well you know what, we haven't heard from them yet because there were four of them brought in from coroners in the area were brought in to a talk with Smit and look at the evidence and nobody has said either way what happen however we then had the police going to neighbors and talking to suspects about stun guns, a particular model saber gun and in January of 1998 a search warrant on a Michael …….. house and he has been written up in tabloids, he has already told this story, he's written e-mails about this, he has posted on this so this is not a secret. The police went to this house and they not only took his stun gun but they bought him a new one and replaced it so the stun gun is not a dead hit, it is not something that is not viable. This is something the police looked at to the point that they actually thought a suspect and replaced his stun gun so they could………

Lance Matthews: Do you know anything about this tape, this duct tape?

Jameson: The duct tape?

Lance Matthews: Yeah, I heard rumors that it was less than an inch wide

Jameson: I heard from a seven on a scale of ten that it was three quarters of an inch wide.

Lance Matthews: There you go

Jameson: That doesn't seem very wide to me.

Lance Matthews: That's something that bothers me too about this whole thing.

Jameson: But understand if she was stunned he had time to take that tape and make two or three strips side by side and make it wider. We don't know what that duct tape looked like when it was picked up off the floor.

Lance Matthews: Oh okay, I guess that was one of my assumptions is that it was one piece of duct tape over her mouth.

Jameson: We don't know, nobody said that. I was told that the duct tape that was used was three quarters of an inch wide and that did make a lot of sense to me until it was pointed out to me that it could have been side by side.

Lance Matthews: He could have put it…..

Jameson: So we don't know. There is a lot of information that's not out and you know when the autopsy was done they sent evidence to the lab to check and we don't know any of those results either.

Lance Matthews: Hmmm, this is as Dave always says a very convoluted case.

Dave Lucas: It certainly is and a were gonna have to take a little bit of a break now guys because it is almost time for the CBS news at the top of the hour at two o'clock.

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