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Lance Matthews Solution
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A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST
Part 7 of 7


RealAudio of Part 7 of the February 15, 1999
Dave Lucas Radio Show

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Dave Lucas: So welcome both of you back to our final twenty minutes or so of the program.

Lance Matthews: Hey thanks Dave. Um, listen I have to say something to Kira on the, on the chat. I am sorry I called you a sociopathic. I, I meant to say I just that what you were posting was blinded, one sided and ignorant not that you were sociopathic, I'm sorry. Ah...

Dave Lucas: And I neglected to mention that Lance is a, while we are speaking on the phone, he who has RoadRunner, you lucky dog you, he is in the WROW chat room chatting with anyone who wants to stop in there and say a few syllables. And type out a few syllables.

Lance Matthews: Now real quick ah, one other thing, this thing with this Gsqua#FF0000 in the latest flame fest on BNF which I have vowed not to participate now in the flame fest but this is how things get escalated like Lori and she had to explain that we, she came on the air, she misunderstood what was happening, she went on the forum and went you know, a little ballistic and I said what was the main, where did this start and she explained it, and we explained what happened behind the scenes that nobody sees but anyway like that other incidents happened, I remember the other day when I was in the studio I read some e-mail, remember that?

Dave Lucas: Yes

Lance Matthews: Okay, ah, that's how the last flame fest started. J.T. posted something about a poster named Wiltonjr um, threatening him in e-mail , ah that I had sent him some e-mail that in the e-mail Wiltonjr had threatened to violate J.T's probation or attempt to violate his probation by doing something and that was misconstrue by people on the forum because I guess a couple got their hotmail hacked into that I had received something that Gsqua#FF0000 had that was from Wilton ah, that described how Wilton was going to try to violate J.T's probation.

Dave Lucas: Talk about convoluted stories, anybody tuning into this right at this moment would probably have no idea what we're talking about.

Lance Matthews: Cool

Dave Lucas: Really, because I mean, the Internet, when you first get on there it's a pretty scary strange little world and learning all these little bits of terminology takes time. Of course once your familiar with it, it's like you can't understand how anyone would not know what it was all about but in fact it the people who don't know the terminology and aren't familiar with it it is just a bunch of gobbleguck, gobblie-gook, let me get that right. Can't speak again. Ah, I just want to ask you guys because a I asked, I asked both of you this earlier but either you didn't hear me or chose not to answer, what is the very latest development besides the one we heard earlier on the CBS news about the new book coming out in the JonBenet Ramsey case, what is the latest, Jameson, can you tell us?

Jameson: Um, well there's a lot of stuff coming out in the book that every, that, that is the big thing but of course the grand jury is still being seated and...

Dave Lusas: What's going on with that anyway, I mean it's, it's, it's like we should have more, more happening than there is.

Jameson: Well the grand jury is behind closed doors, very secret, there, they've been sneaking people in vans wearing wigs because they don't want anybody to know who the witness's are. The witness's are not allowed to talk about what they have said in the grand jury proceeding so it's really pretty much tied up. Nobody knows how long it's going to be. We do know, um, Kane, Michael Kane is running the grand jury and of course he is a special prosecutor. I call him the special persecutor but..

Dave Lusas: The special persecutor (chuckles).

Jameson: Yes, he's the special prosecutor on the case that was brought in, um, and basically the investigators that thought that the Ramsey's might not have done it have been minimized, um, they've just been pushed away from the case and that is what was happening when Lou Smit ended up resigning but others also were tending to be on the defense and you know whoa, maybe it's not the Ramsey's to look other places, they've also been minimized from, from what everyone has said. Um, so were just waiting to see who the grand jury calls in, will they call in Thomas, the police officer resigned saying that the investigation was flawed, he's now going to write a book. Um, are they going to call in Lou Smit, the investigators for the district attorneys office who resigned saying there's clear and substantial evidence of an intruder the Ramsey's are being persecuted and I am not going to be a part of it. You know, are these people going to be called into the grand jury or is the prosecutor only going to call in people that are going to be against the Ramsey's in order to get an indictment is this going to be an investigative grand jury or is it going to be a railroad.

Dave Lusas: Hmmmm.

Lance Matthews: This is also going to be one of these time will tell things.

Jameson: Yeah.

Lance Matthews: As with everything with this case.

Jameson: It will be but from what I understand in the grand jury in Colorado if Michael Kane only presents one side, if he does not present what he knows is exculpatory evidence for example if he doesn't bring Smit in how can he explain that later, um, this man worked for 18 months and he had access to every bit of the evidence from every cop, every investigator, that was his job to coordinate it. If he doesn't call in does that not give, if there is an indictment and you now have a defendant does that not then set it up where the defense can go in and try to negate the indictment because it was not a fair grand jury. There's lots of questions that are going to come out of this Michael Kane may feel that he should present a fair case and bring in Smit and Thomas and everyone else and let the grand jury decide. You know this could come out of it with an indictment, it could come out of it with a, something saying to the Boulder police department and the DA's office that they, they need to further investigate this and try again.

Dave Lucas: Well I get the, I get the distinct impression that something is going to happen because all of a sudden we do have a few stories that are bubbling their way up into the media, we had the a, we had the teddy bear a couple weeks ago and now we have this a little story that's appearing about the book and just the fact that these stories are appearing on National news broadcasts tells me that the media anticipates that something is going to happen in a certain time frame and their sort of a, getting us ready for that by a, by bringing these JonBenet stories a back in.

Jameson: The grand jury is going to....

Lance Matthews: Back up, back up a little on that Dave and you have to realize the Clinton things over.

Jameson: (Chuckles)

Lance Matthews: No more talking about Monnie under the desk and the cigar.

Dave Lucas: Yeah

Lance Matthews: So what do we talk about?

Jameson: But understand the grand jury ends April 21 or 22 so this group of people who are sitting on the grand jury are going to end there term and it would behoove the District attorney, the Boulder police department, the powers to be everybody to have it end before they have to go back and ask for money, more time, you know it's kind of a self imposed deadline that they'd like to get it over by then.

Dave Lucas: Aha

Jameson: So this is all coming to a head now. Schiller started his book 18 months, I mean, you know...

Dave Lucas: All these books it's like a cottage industry, you got all these people writing books and I've got a theory and I've got this and that, you know, what's next, they going to come out the, come out with the JonBenet teddy bear doll, you know, I mean is somebody going to....

Jameson: Well did you say about the paper dolls? There is actually a woman and I have actually seen a set of these paper dolls. There was a woman who came out, oh, almost immediately after the murder and she wanted to market JonBenet paper dolls with JonBenet and all the pageant costumes and she actually had a mock set made up and passed around and I saw it and it was absolutely beautiful but totally, I mean, you know not should have been on the market.

Dave Lucas: What's the word for that, macabre, is that the word, macabre?

Lance Matthews: (Snickers)

Jameson: Dreaming Macabre (chuckles) But a....

Lance Matthews: Boy, I, I just had some great visions here of little, a no this is poor taste but hell, a, vision of a little pull string doll, you know the pull string in the back with the voice, I mean what sound bytes could you actually put out of that child's mouth?

Jameson: I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart. They a, but there was a movie of the week that was suppose to be made for ABC....

Dave Lucas: Aha

Jameson: Um, one of the people that, the writer that was working on it contacted me a long time ago because he was using my timeline for research, as many of the people have, and he was in touch with Pam Griffin and they were working on this ABC movie of the week and it just kind of been lost because there is no resolution.

Lance Matthews: You know um, what was interesting and I hate to back this up for a minute but what was interesting a, Dave with a lot of things about calling all the guests and talking to all the people off the air for as long as I have and I've stayed in touch with a few of them besides that, ah, was this certain things they said and Dale had brought up something last show that was really really good and I can't remember whether he said it just before he went on or on the air, I really don't remember right now but he had made a statement and it sounded kind of harsh but in reality it was good. I mean, Dale Yeager does the, does the thing with the missing kids and and works on securities, a security person.....

Dave Lucas: By the way, by the way on this Saturday from midnight to four am we'll be doing this show on missing and murde#FF0000 children and we hope to have Dale Yeager there, we hope to have Doug and, Doug Llyll and his wife, Mary I believe is her name, yeah, Doug and Mary Lyll and we hope to have the Glickman's and a few other folks on from the Internet.

Lance Matthews: Oh yeah, um

Dave Lucas: That will be Saturday night.

Lance Matthews: That should be a really good show, matter a fact I am getting together with that poster, ourputer in a day or so, matter fact on Wednesday, I guess that's tomorrow now.

Dave Lucas: Yes, isn't

Lance Matthews: (snickers)

Dave Lucas: My how times flies when you do an overnight show.

Lance Matthews: And I'll tell you something ah, we're going to map this out and it should be a really good show. Dale will be there also the security dude from Sony Albany will be there and we'll be doing kind of, you know, here's here's the Dale statement, he said, "Hey JonBenet's dead. There's missing kids out there right now that need to be found and there is also kids that will be missing tomorrow that need to be helped now."

Dave Lucas: You know what, I do believe he said that on the air because that's ring bells now.

Lance Matthews: Okay a, you know there's a site out there for missing kids. It's run by I believe "LadyBug" a poster that's in chat right now. The URL that everybody should take down and go visit this site, the familiar http:// then it's members.xoom.com, com/mychild as one word mychild. Once again, that's http://members, m e m b e r s dot xoom dot com/mychild as one word m y c h i l d. We recommend everyone goes see that site ah, I'm really glad that were going to be doing something about missing kids.

Dave Lucas: Oh yeah, well it's, it's, it needs to be done, it's a story that needs to be addressed and people need to be able to hear from the horses mouth so to speak what's going on, how the parents feel about their missing children and also how the investigators feel about cases that they are handling. It's all very important and da and likely the chat room will be open as, as well. Now we have to take one last break and then we'll be back with our guests. This is Dave Lucas sitting in for Joe Lirosi on AM590 WROW.


Dave Lucas: Thank you both for being with us on the program tonight and a, I think it is good that sometimes we take and discuss some of the problems because some of the problems that we run into on the Internet particularly in these chat rooms and MIRC and other places these are the same problems we run into in our day to day lives with other human beings, of course cloak of anonymity I think sometimes makes people say and do things that they wouldn't say and do if we knew who they were.

Jameson: Absolutely, I think if people had to put there names as part with their posts they would do only half of what they do.

Dave Lucas: Aha, And of course a lot of people there are anonymizer sites that you can go through on the web to a mask your identity, all sorts of underhanded things people can do and I do believe that some people actually take the lite in actually finding out about these things and implementing them.

Jameson: I want to say one thing about what Lori said, she said people should laugh and you know, it's a joke but you know, some of us go to that site because of a serious matter, there's a murde#FF0000 child, there's a family under suspicion, there's a killer no matter who it is, there's a killer on the loose, nobodies in jail for this crime. We're talking about a serious forum, I think that people who want to have fun, laugh, joke, you know a, pick on people should pick a forum where other people are there for the same thing, I don't think they should be going...

Lance Matthews: Jameson they don't, they don't have to pick a forum cause now in general discussion on Boulder News if you turn to general discussion it says, "Flame fest, a place for JBR posters to flame each other," It's a new place to flame. Let's keep it off JonBenet Ramsey forum from now on.

Jameson: But Gary Love and the Boulder News enforces that it's not going to happen because it's people like me who don't want to go there and since they want to flame me they are not going to do it because they want the audience, they they even post it, for a while there you know they were all staying in Justice Watch where I'm banned and Murphy's banned, lot's of people are banned because we're vocal, we're vocal and we're pro-Ramsey, we're not allowed in there, have never been allowed in there and it's not like we did anything to get banned we've never been allowed in there because pro-Ramsey, um, they were in there and then they actually came out an, an, you know Wilton actually posted you know, it was no fun flaming Jameson where Jameson couldn't get upset about it or flame back so they brought it to Boulder News .

Lance Matthews: Like Dave said, there's a lot of sick sick people out there and they use the Internet to, to take their things out on other people.

Jameson: But I, but I think that if Boulder News doesn't enforce it and these people you know I mean, there's enough places they can go and have their fun and fight with other people who want to engage in that kind of activity. I think it is disrespectful to go into the JonBenet Ramsey forum and half the people basically I fight back very very little, I mean, usually I scroll by, I just say what ever, so what, you know. I don't fight back, I'm an easy target, I don't care but I think it's disrespectful to this child to turn this into a place where people go because they want to laugh.

Dave Lucas: Okay we're running out of time. Jameson, I want to thank you for being part of the program and hopefully people will check out the timeline and webbsleuths and a, as always thanks for your dedication and devotion to the case. And Lance Matthews, a, well thank you to you as well. You've really really kept your nose to the grindstone on this entire JonBenet Ramsey case and you've done some marvelous things and hopefully you'll continue with your good work. So thank you very much for being with us and I guess we'll see you on Saturday for our special on missing and murde#FF0000 children.

Lance Matthews: I hope as many people that are listening tonight or anybody that is listening tonight please tune in, if you got kids ah, if you've got nephews, nieces, if you have anyone you care about a, that, that might be going to college soon or younger, please tune into this show because a listening to these parents talk, it's, it's, it's heartbreaking ah, and it can't be prevented.

Dave Lucas: Okay, thanks a lot Lance and we will see you Saturday night.

Lance Matthews: Okay

Dave Lucas: Okay, bye, bye. And a that's gonna about do it for this session, now we're going to be on the air again tonight tonight, that's Tuesday, February 16th twelve midnight. We're going to have William Thomas on the program.

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