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Lance Matthews Solution
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On The JonBenet Discussion Board
A Special Discussion on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
February 16, 1999 ~ 1:00am-3:00am EST
Part 5 of 7


RealAudio of Part 5 of the February 15, 1999
Dave Lucas Radio Show

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Dave Lucas: Our discussion of course is the continuing saga of the murder mystery of JonBenet Ramsey, welcome back to the show guys.

Lance Matthews: Hey thanks Dave, you know, eh, we were talking about the Internet earlier and I am sure we are going to go there soon but I would like to read something that someone sent me earlier.

Dave Lucas: Okay

Lance Matthews: Okay, ah, here it is, "I am a regular member poster at the BNF on the JBR Discussion board on the Internet. My hat name is AuntieBJ. I have been posting on a regular basis for at least six months now. Some on the actual case and some on discussion with other posters. I would be called a "newbie" as some would say. to the BNF but I am not a newbie to the JBR case, certainly not a newbie to the Internet. When case news is at a low, it is difficult to continue posting messages on the case without being #FF0000undant. At these time I see nothing wrong with posting casual messages to other posters and I don't think it is right for posters of other forums to come to the BNF and insist that we discuss the case. We are just voicing our point of view. I do not believe in posting personal information about other posters on the forums but that particular habit for some has got out of control. Many Internet posters who have sha#FF0000 current and past histories on other forums have brought their anger to the BNF and within their own hearts and minds they feel they have just cause to expose certain traits and past histories of other individuals they believe to be undesirable. This type of behavior has caused others to retaliate. It is a no win situation. And I will say that many on the BNF have contributed to this habit as much as any other poster and at times have went extremely overboard particularly in their choice of language used. It has turned into a quest as to who can out-post the other on humiliating and/or personal information and in my opinion it really has to stop not just for the reverence of the small child who the discussion board was created for but for the humility and respect of other human beings who post on the board. It is my opinion that the latest hoax regarding a falsely reported rape on the Internet is a perfect example of how others have further used the incident as an opportunity to humiliate and make fun of posters on the BNF who were not involved in the hoax. I would like the JBR board to return to some sanity and for those who have bridges to burn to take it to another direction other than the BNF." And that is the end and that was a note from AuntieBJ.

Lance Matthews: You know that's, that, AuntieBJ's right on with a lot of her postings. It has got quite out of on control. There's people out there, there is one in chat right now, her name is Kira and it's people like this who they have chosen sides so blindly completely ignorantly blindly that something happens and somebody responds and it gets a little out of control and they will completely ignore what who might have started it or who might have even created the problems in the first place and will go after somebody else with a vengeance. It is just pure ignorance, it's ridiculous.

Lance Matthews: Lately, I will tell you one line hit me and I paused right after, overboard particularly in the choice of language used. Now, eh, I like using a lot of colorful language sometimes and I have a little character, Madkowz. And Madkowz comes out and it's usually Lisa and I sitting in front of the typewriter and most of the time when Madkowz, we take him out of the barn and we take him through a walk through the forum because it has just gotten ridiculous. Madkowz is pretty graphic to say the least and we did a Valentine Day special inspi#FF0000 by a posting by somebody named "Copier" and a poster by the name of "Gsqua#FF0000" who we will get into in just a moment. But this Madkowz's came out and gave everybody a special Valentine Day story about a trip to Tijuana and it was really fun but anyway enough of that.

Lance Matthews: Eh, just to say that people have gotten a little out of hand you know, after tonight, I will, boy I will tell you, after tonight I will not participate in the craziness on the forum, you know Copier can say whatever about whose private parts and wherever they been and whose doing what to them and all those things over and over on the forum. I am just not going to participate. You know I have had a lot of e-mail in the last day, I had a lot of people call me and it is really not worth it and people have gone a little crazy.

Lance Matthews: There is a poster named Gsqua#FF0000, there is a poster named Wilton, for those of you who don't know it is not big secret I am probation, big deal, I had a substance abuse problem, in my past I did my time for it and now I am on probation and these people are so sick that they have gone out and reached on the Internet, the Internet is wonderful because you can put what you want up but you know you reach out and you go beyond the computer and you reach into people's private lives like doing things like calling their places of business, calling child protection agencies on people. Things like that are really sick. Somebody named Wilton Jr, a hat named Wilton Jr, has posted you know, contact information for Lance's PO and said, Oh let's send him back to prison. And then this poster named Gsqua#FF0000 who claims to be an attorney has basically called this woman, this eight and a half month pregnant woman in the probation officer and harassed her at this point. And given false information to an officer of the courts. Over this Internet thing, I mean it has gone crazy. You want to do what you want to do on the Internet, fine.

Dave Lucas: Well the Internet can be a pretty savage place to be as we've seen and still what I keep going back to and what I can't understand is if something like the Boulder News Forum exist, and who actually sponsors that, Lance?

Lance Matthews: Who sponsors it?

Dave Lucas: Whose creation is that, who is responsible for that?

Lance Matthews: The Boulder News Forum itself? Jameson, can you answer that?

Jameson: It is owned by the Boulder Daily Camera, a newspaper in downtown Boulder.

Dave Lucas: The Boulder Daily Camera is a fairly prestigious newspaper, is it not?

Jameson: It's affected yes.

Dave Lucas: Well then how can they allow this thing to go on and then they have a sysop, this Gary Love, how can they allow this to go the way it's gone. I mean, right into the gutter.

Jameson: It didn't always, when it first started out they didn't have it where anybody had to register and everybody went in and everybody was new and everybody was polite and everybody was a little frightened by the Internet then people found out that anonymity gives you a freedom to….

Lance Matthews: Abuse people.

Jameson: Abuse other people.

Lance Matthews: (Laughs)

Jameson: To borrow their hat and it was months and nobody would even think of pretending to be somebody else and suddenly people were borrowing other people's hats and they were posting mean things.

Dave Lucas: Who started that?

Jameson: It wasn't me (chuckling) I was one of the first ones who was under attack in the beginning because I never believed the Ramsey's were guilty so I was one of the ones that, but anyway at the beginning Boulder News came in and they would actually ban them, they set it up so you had to register to go in, couldn't use anyone else's hat, you needed a password and at that point they had a sysop that would go in and clean up and if anyone was vulgar, posted pornography, posted or attacked another person's hat, they were banned. They were banned for three days, a week, two weeks, whatever. And then they just decided for legal reasons I believe, that is what I was told for legal reasons if they start playing babysitter then that makes them legally accountable for something. If they don't play babysitter at all then you know it's a free for all then legally they feel that there I don't know, somehow protected so they just decided they would have a hands off policy.

Dave Lucas: From my own experience when I logged on and participated in some of that it seemed like from the way it is set up it would be carefully moderated, this notice came on when I tried to post something, it said your post will be inspected and all this other stuff but the post I guess it was not because it showed right away, there was no delay at all.

Jameson: Well the computer picks up if you write certain bad words

Dave Lucas: I see so they have got a little electronic eye set up looking for certain things

Jameson: You can't write "XXXX," you have to put PF, XXXXX.

Dave Lucas: I see

Lance Matthews: Actually "XXX" goes through nicely.

Jameson: (chuckles)

Lance Matthews: But anyway

Dave Lucas: So in other words you can still circumvent what the computer is looking for.

Jameson: Yeah, they won't let you put a group of numbers together so you can't put in somebody's phone number but if you want to type out those words, one, two, three, four.

Lance Matthews: Or you can always replace a bunch of zero's with a bunch of "O's." There's ways around everything of course. But it's kind of funny though the whole thing it's gone, it's gone way out of hand, it has, it's gone out of hand again. You know when people start reaching out into other people's personal lives. Hey you know what they put my name up there and encouraged people to go to a place called Infoseek to look up my parents address and their phone number and encourage people to harass my parents and the thing is I have a three and a half year old daughter who lives with my mom so people are calling my mom's house at two thirty in the morning the day after these postings go up. Now things like that are kind of disturbing I mean these people, some of these people have no life other than sitting and typing vicious things against other people.

Dave Lucas: You got to remember too that this is not I mean this something that is happening to you because of something you are participating in or have been participating in on the Internet. There are other people out there who are very innocent, they get on something like America Online or they get into a chat room through some other ISP or something and they suddenly find them selves besieged or even have their computer ransacked by some of these moronic programs that can go in and get information.

Lance Matthews: Well just think about it taken off the Internet for a minute and take somebody who is a little bit sociopathic and is out for vengeance and is out to hurt people so they reach out with their phone and call people and a lets see, oh yes, vicious vicious calls to people, eh, as I read off the Internet now, make vicious calls to intently hurt or disrupt somebody's life. Now that is a little serious in my opinion. I mean these people are definitely genuine sick individuals

Jameson: They posted my brother's obituary. One of them died in 1966 and another one died in 1990. They posted their obituary and suggested that my siblings be looked up and called and asked about me. My brother that died in 1990 had four sons, it named the sons and what town they lived in 1990. I mean what is the point of posting my brother's obituary? Does that disc#FF0000it me in anyway.

Lance Matthews: To know a little bit about this and I hope you don't mind me bringing this up but and when was the last time you ever spoke with any of these people? Are you in touch with this family now?

Jameson: I left, I walked away from my family twenty two years ago Christmas, have never looked back, have not been in touch with the family, had never seen that brother's obituary, heard through the grapevine that he was dead but no I'm not, I'm not part of that family.

Lance Matthews: And you know like talking about disturbing people who had people recently died. I had a girlfriend of mine who meant lot to me. Boy I, we went through a lot together, we tried to get on programs, we did a lot of things together, we were both addicts and I got clean while incarcerated and she got clean and we saw each other when I got out and we spend four days together and four nights and she was clean for six months at the time. And I came back to New York and I was going to fly her in in a few weeks and I wrote her a letter and I called her and her phone was down and as it turns out she went out and relapsed and OD'd and died. And this really shocked me. And now people know I am sensitive to this what they are doing is they are posting this person and saying that because I was involved with heroin ah that I killed her, that I was responsible for her death, that I sold her heroin that killed her and all this stuff on the forum. This is how sick these people are. This woman just died a few months ago and they are bringing her up on the Internet literally digging her body up and throwing her out on the Internet just to be vicious. I mean, this is the mentality of the people.

Jameson: Not only are they being vicious to you but they are also bringing up her father, where her father works, maybe people should call there and tell the father things about the forum and how his daughter's name is being brought up. These people are reaching out to cause anyone pain. And when you do look back, I have been here two years and a lot of people who are doing this have talked about their person lives in chat and stuff and I am telling you these people are sad lonely people and misery loves company and they are lashing out because they are miserable.

Dave Lucas: And one thing they have to remember someone told me this once and I will never forget it and they said that with anything that you do like any e-mail you send, anything that goes out on the Internet, it's always there somewhere for somebody to find, it's archived or it gets captu#FF0000 but it's out there somewhere.

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